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Friday, June 16, 2006

High- rise Chill!

This is it.

I know I have been posting mediocre and often ho-hum one-liners lately, well that’s because I’ve been commissioned to do sooo many stuff lately. It’s not just about school my dear littérateurs, it’s about the crazy, crazy environment I’m in. High scale, low scale, no scale, whatever…they have all been contributory to my busy existence.

Last week I had a nice chill-out session with a close friend of mine complete with bed lounges and strawberry grilled chicken salad. Thursday was really hard on me but it ended with one of my more intimate talks to date. I had fun really and it made me realize that we really cant please everybody. I mean if theres good there must be something to counteract it right? So I went home thinking that it’s really up to me where I want my arrow to point.

Anyway… after meeting after meeting, pre-arrangements, the usual lunches and dinners I finally found the time to share with you the crazy crazy things I’ve been into. Well at least one of them. And this one involves high-rise buildings and a helipad.

Enjoy my pictionary. Were retarded and abnormal all at the same time! as my Prof. Lintongan would say, "kung walang tsongke, katol will do!"





***I hope you all had a good laugh, anyways...

there will be an upcoming event on june 10 so stay tuned for that. it would have something to do with "ever after". excited? i hope you are.

***dont miss "failure to launch starring Sarah Jessica Parker. its a fun movie. I enjoyed it so you should too!

***X-men was alright, right? I mean for an ender i sure enjoyed watching watching psylocke(which is by the way on the cover of Uno magazine. they have to battle it out with Fhm's bench fever coverage.

***Da vinci Code! any thoughts?
I read the book, you watched the movie. what is there to comment?

***No more perriers and evians in Coffee Bean? i dont get it.

***the infamous bryan boy got featured in a celeb blog,woah, congrats bitch.haha

***thanks for hitting up my blog! Im nearing 200! yay!

***In a few days I'll be having school flies eh?

***MAD TV IS THE BOMB!!!. I miss debra wilson! watching reruns of whitney and mariah spoofs makes me wanna laugh out really loud.hahaha!

ciao! for comments and feedbacks feel free to leave a comment.


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