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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Uppish uppish Band!

right about now UpDharmadown's "Pag-agos" is gaining over kill over my music player.YES. up dharam down may displace Imago from the ranks of my list."Maybe". getting chills from the video.seriously. Very nostalgic.I love it.yum
thats why im getting pissed voer a certain "rubinesque creation of mammoth proportions" who for reasons of selfishness, would not let me borrow the CD. cmon!?! is that the only thing you have? its just a CD.hmp!

(you are my favorite group since slice bread! cant wait to watch you LIVE!<--)


Pag Agos

At sa aking pagkubli
hampas ng araw pagdamdam ng gabi
tulog ang iyong mga kamay
di nako makapag antay

isang umaga muling aahon
at sisikat sa mga panahon
na tayong pang dalawa
masayang pagsasama

buong araw ng pag-agos
kailan ang huling unos
di alam kung tatakbo
kusang lalayo sayo

isang umaga muli ng pag-iisa
walang mayakap at makasama
pusong pilit na sinugatan
landas kong karaniwan

(dont you just love the lyrics?. deep but NOT that deep. just enough to evoke unwanted, kept feelings) <-- fool!Ü

will someone please tell me, out of the goodness of their hearts tell me if the video was shot at Ortigas or somewhere else? maybe Makati? or somewhere south? ugh! Im getting bonkers already.
but I love it.main freaking point. if it is Ortigas indeed I still like it.I have very good memories walking down the Ortigas runway.haay. dreamy. I love it.

again. here is the link

Scandiliath's TV Inspection:

american idol bullshit:


Yep. that weirdly curled country singer fallout is indeed OUT. gone.
voted off for the good of all things.
Everytime he sings i just fall of my chair from extreme boredom.
he was a weak contestant.
plain and fucking simple. oops.

the simple life crap:

thats the Tanorexically rich whore-ror "nicole ritchie"

apparently filming scenes from the new season of the simple life.
i wonder if bestfriend "paris hilton" gets billing?

*****thin as hell********

if im 200 million dollars worth i wouldnt be caught that skinny.
i''d eat everythinng even my car!

katie holmes er.. cruise buzz...

what the f#@!!!
that is one huge Baby.


make that woah woah

i bet that isnt even tom cruise's.

then again.
it just a damn rumor.


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