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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Save A Life

After the dreadful weekend wherein i was stuck for 17 hours in eastwood, i barely had a weekend. I was away for almost two days so when i got off early monday i decided to run my errands right then and there.

As i always say, theres always that euphoric, almost addicting feeling when i burn my wallet.

Ever since the recession started i swore to stop eating after shopping just to save on money but will still afford me to buy the same stuff I buy usually

But this was one time i broke my rule.

After almost a year since my last visit, i started to miss having lunch at one of my favorite cheap but delish joints. i always get pasta and grape juice.ALWAYS. I guess the reason why I didnt go back for a long time is because I dont shop that often in greenhills anymore.What's funny is, back then, wheenver i feel down, this is always the place i turn to. now, its a homecoming of sorts. I've had so many blessings this past few months, and i could never thank enough God for them. but sometimes, you just give in to the gloom.

Pizza Greca (feta cheese,olives,garlic,artichokes,sun dried tomatoes)

so when i had a bite, maaan, i was just ecstatic! it just made me really happy.

i dont care if its material happiness. the point is, it took my blues away.

and for that, i'll always go back to this place which has become my comfort food. :)


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