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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Missing Kaskade!

Missing Kaskade!

thats right fuckers, i missed kaskade!. my dj with the mostest! ah man! yeah yeah i like him over freaking tiesto. but yeah tiesto is more hardcore. but what the heck

Kaskadecapriceback_1 Boracay3_1 Kaskade(my current favorite dj) live in manila april 12 and april 14 in boracay.

so,about this time in the lovely island of bora DROIDS are getting all pumped up for bora's hottest beach party and I, le scandiliath is having some sun fun but without dear old kaskade.pathetic.haha.thats how it is for me. yes i missed dancing to "everything", the song that played over 60 times according to my iPod playcount. shit fine.i missed it.end of conversation.Ü


So in my absence from dear old kaskade's beach party i am gorging. up on ice cream,ice tea(lite),and junk junking foods.(yes, you heard that right!, junk junking foods)

Selectaproducts_r2_c2 Iced_tea_foto_osvaldo_02
Lays TA-DA! : my ultimate bum treat.oh yeah..i was eating this while watching movies and the "iron chef america".you probably guessed how i worked up my already salvaged appetite.its really a wonder how i was able to stand up after this, my tummey bulging and all.haha. double dutch ice cream on a fairly scorching weather is the bomb!

Le Beach Bum

Things to bring before hitting the sun kissed beaches:

1. Coppertone spf 45 sunblock -block it like a wall!

2.luau shorts - billabong shorts are the best!

3.beach bling - the shark tooth and the puca coupled with boho beads should make Image_102you look like tribe peeps

4.Click Machine - pose your ass off with tha camera! just dont get sand on your buns

5.Aviator mode - look like air force ready under the sun!


post comments and everything else pls!


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