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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FireFallDown: My First Blog Award!

I won an Apple iTouch! how cool is that?

more than the iTouch, CD and shirt (not to mention appearing on a UK based website), what really touches my heart, and just shocks me out of disbelief is the fact that i won.

you know i never win in anything, i remember back in third grade, my mom and dad forced me to enter this singing contest, haha. what did i get? second place.

so to win anything is just beyond real!

more importantly, THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG AWARD.

I've been blogging for three years now because writing is also a passion of mine. thats why i could never leave my multiply, because this is where i blog. I only do facebook and twitter because everyone knows im a trend victim. i have to be always on key.haha but i really feel passionate about sharing whats on my mind.

i feel so blessed, i cant thank God enough for this blessing. can you believe it!?! I have a blog award!!! im so happy. thank you thank you thank you


thank you to the entire PR team, eon, studio 5, ms joy, thank you for dinner during the photo shoot. and for the video shoot as so freaked out, its coming in a few days!


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