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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer Bum


its exactly day 3 of my 7 day summer vacation. haha. im so fucked up.where the hell can you find summer in 7 freak-in days? anyway thats all I can work with.

In a few days I'll find out if I'll get bronzed up or not. Im thinkning fo a 2 day trip to the white beaches 2 hours from us, but its still tentative.I might risk getting black instead of bronze.haha
i wanna go back looking a like a freaking beach bum not some overly tanned surfer!

--glorious sunshine isnt it? you cant find that in any pancaked beaches anywhere! thats my genius working 28 floors up. yes people of the urban kind, i am a delusional photographer.

so tuesday night, my very hentai-loving brother downloaded a whole movie out of a share ware program called limewire. ooh, that program is heaven, that is if your own dsl.
I watched the "Le pathetique" movie "ICE AGE 2" a couple opf weeks back and wanted to repeat via ripped dvd. so we did.

only thing is instead of ice age, i got "eurotrip".i got punked, freaking a! after downloading the movie for over 14 hours i got eurotrip! i mean where is ice age in eurotrip? i dont get it


so anyway, i bought 3 cups of jell-o and watched the movie from the pc.
all i can say is. its half baked.the movie i mean
although all the nudity made up for it.haha
u gotta love cheesy american films!

jell-o + funny movie = bum attack

yep.thats how it is for me, me as the little asshole living down under.


2006040806770201 Judas?

If your stuck on the tube like me you might have heard of national geographics recent feature on the massively publicized "gospel of judas".
for a droid like me i was drawn. i mean cmon right? judas having his own gospel?
thats like naomi campbell being all nice ans giddy!

but im not sold on it totally. i have to wait for further research. you cant trust those scholars. you never know when theyre faking you.

Idol Blabber

Its down to eight,for the past weeks ive been extremely busy which didnt allow to watch the populat talent show. but mandisa's out and that means one mark down for the fat girls!

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