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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Denim Power tour by Chalk Magazine and Penshoppe

Its a milestone people.
(i look soo negro next to lougee, frontwoman for mojofly)

I stuttered like super and it wasnt even my favorite, all i could manage to say was "lougee!" . nakakahiya, super first time.

Vicente Mendoza officially swallowed my non-existent self proclaimed pride and had my picture taken with a band I so respect for their music and some other stuff.

I cant believe it.
I swear

By 3:30pm I was done with work. I had to interview some people for a project I was doing, I was lounging by the office when they heard noises downstairs.

It was some denim school event. it was ho-hum for me. probably because I watch stuff like this all the time. Everyone was going crazy while I was getting pssed over Joaqui and Nina (nagsama ang mayaba
ng from CSA and malandi from AC)

Que horruer.

If only people knew what I know about ______.
oops. i aint gonna go "janthina" on you. i'll keep it to myself.

other bands that played were Calla Lily and Mano Mano.

( Merlan with drummer from Mojofly)


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