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Monday, July 24, 2006

Its raining. thats all.

We all know its raining. its been two days without school. I barely know what a test looks like. Im pretty sure its gonna surprise come wednesday morning. ahahay!.

Sam, my dear friend from highschool messaged me regarding my scandals, turns out she knows marco. hello!?! like ive been asking marco if he knows sam from ateneo psych, swimmer and a tan I could salivate the entire day with pero he keeps saying "?".

At least thats settled., oh she said she knows somone from the bench underwear show. swimmer from admu i assume? what-evs.

"Im not missing you" by Stacie Orrico -- loves it!

TSISMIS!(dont you just love them!)

from: ferrari princess' multiply account

Let me tell you about the biggest jerk in Metro Manila.
On Friday night I was at a fabulous yacht party in Manila Bay. After several hours we were all rather tipsy, and I was play fighting with my guy friends (well, I thought they were all friends). You know tripping each other up, pretending to kick each other, etc. Then, I made the mistake of play fighting with Will DeVaughn, The Biggest Jerk in Metro Manila. After pretending to trip him, he pulled my blouse collar down, exposing --well-- a lot. Scandalized, I slapped him. Then he responded by lifting me up by my arms and pressing my wrists so hard against the wall that my hands went numb from the pain. When he let go, I slapped him again -no one gets away with hurting a girl. This time he threw me onto a coach and twisted my arms so that they were pinned painfully behind me. (Note, I am 5'2" and have never worked out in my life, Will is like 5'11" and significantly older and stronger than me). I told him that my brothers would jump him for this, and he responded in all seriousness that he'd have my brothers killed. No one threatens my family, so when he let go I slapped him again. This time he looked me straight in the eye and screamed at me, that if I touched him again he'd throw me against the wall and off the boat (he knew I am afraid of water). So after physically hurting me and threatening to murder my brothers, I could only stand there, too scared to move because I was certain he's make good on his threat.

When he left my guy friends entered the room (there had only been girls in the room whom I hadn't been acquainted with). They were outraged, naturally, so we got into the car so that the guys could confront him at Embassy, where he had went. Karl, a really stand up guy went upstairs to Embassy (still and no matter what the best club in Manila) to tell Will to apologize. Will replied that I should go up and apologize to him! The nerve! Karl naturally called Will an expletive, and the woman-beating egomaniac responded by pushing Karl and asking him how he dared approach Will in "his" club. Appropriately, the bouncers began to drag Will away, but the jerk just went back upstairs and hid. And so he got away. I was so upset by the whole ordeal that I spent the rest of the evening and morning crying, so now I'm sick. Crap.

So Will deVaughn, who has only lived in this country for about two years, who isn't a Filipino citizen, whose only claim to fame is being a model, thinks that he can get away with bruising up girls, threatening to have people killed, and name dropping to a criminal extent. That is why he is The Biggest Jerk in Metro Manila, and deserves to be deported, and I don't care who knows about it.

+6390267401084 --be back in a few!

yipes. you didnt hear from me. ok?


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