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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Im soooo relieved. Remember when i said i badly needed to to CHILL?
well gues what, I DID. i ditched my loong paperwork for some unstressing.

but Lunch wasnt all nice, i mean yeah, my lunch date was fanstastic. my friend and I consoled each others stresses BUT Plato Platina isnt all pancakes and daisies! cmon! its mediocre italian. in fairness maganda ang palm tree at the back of my chair! haha!. dont bether asking where to find it, you might need a paddle and a boat to get there. ahahay! preparation for my superman excess(im still crossing my fingers for those tix at imax) heres my recently acquired kfc tumbler(which by the way pinag-agawan pa namin) hahaha! burgis!

heres what im working on... sana i'll be done tommorow.its a resto i reviewed. its gonna come up in a few weeks. the owner is my former prof. so yeah. it was nice. its the first organic resto in manila but i cant reveal too much.

kanina. haaay. we had this stupid play for my class. i hate plays. i hate bringing stuff to school hence my vintage preppy shirt...
hello!(as in pronounced without the "w") i like bought this years ago. its practically vintage.
i like it though, its from a good store. its for a birthday of a friend, but anyway, my point is, I had to bring this for that play. AND I HATE EXCESS BAGGAGE. umulan kaya kanina.

check out "maneater" by nelly furtado/"public affair" jessica simpson and "get together" madonna. un lang.


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