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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boxes and Shuttlecocks


after some nice lounging and "showdowns' with the ktv diva herself "roanne", i headed off for some scheduled shuttle fun.

its been a long time since i last played. my "shuttle" days.yep, those days when my hands were full of callous.
so NOW,
my hands are bleeding.after 3 hours of playing i totally forgot about the fact that my yellow customized racket had loose handle bandage.


******oh, IT finally came out. after sleepless nights of working, finally tapos na. sorry sa mga hindi nakasama. ehehe. malay ko bang artistahin kayo!

to: karl, phil. collegian U.P MANILA, (THANK YOU! for the kind words.) WE appreciate it.Ü you have good taste! HAHA!)

We look stupid. haha no, make that really stoned, wait parang ako lang, hmmm. khymy!!! Wendy's !!!!!!!

my body hurts so much. ewan ko ba, this was suppose to be chill, kaso ewan, i endd up nauseated and really sore

*****Rascal flatts "life is a highway" --- i am totally digging this song!


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