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Sunday, July 30, 2006

DJ Sucked But Everything Else Was Chill

"On my way. "
one of my friends dared me to make a photo caption of what i was wearing, eto na, for charities sake.
(shirt from bangkok, cheap necklace from punta fuego, long necklace from living legacies(for the benefit of cancer patients, i'll do a separate ad for them), f&h pants, vintage girbaud shoes, bag from hk)

yuck. puro ka-cheapan.hahaha

I was popping smint all the time. I got really jittery fr
om fixing the batteries as you can see i look like im about to vomit. lol

My favorite tuna pandesal! i just had pasta for dinner so i got really hungry by the time everyone else was shaking.. it was a little weird though, there was long line sa restroom ng sbux kase someone was taking too long, and then when he finally got out, lo! and behold,
shes a woman. weird.

with nicolimia and hannahrexic

hannah? are you "drugs"(hahaha!) wait i think i look more stoned noh?

Andi(model/dj Andi9) --eep! i did it again! i must be drunk. soooo showbiz! hahaha. im kidding.
oh. mo twister and franco were there too.

Armi Villare from Updharma down! i love this band! i'll make a separate post for them and cultured milk(so good!) i got autographs, courtesy of hannah, haha. It turns out i have pride pa pala.
office people! patty and angel.

And the night ends. I must have infuriated my friend from waiting. I was suppose to leave around 11 but got caught up waiting for "DJ Ace". wasted my freaking time bigtime,, not good at all. i could have been hitting house saturdays for hours but the rain caught up with me. the night was ok though, a lot of drama and nonsense.

I had to leave since i have to wake up early for sunday brunch! i hope I get up on time.


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