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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lazy Saturday


Lazy Saturday

Im liking Saturday! Ü

Actually its not literally lazy pala,I started the day typing the hell out of my research due for Monday, cmon di ba? My hands are sooooooooooo pagod. It’s not even funny.

Anyway (im using this word like hello!).

DVD’s galore! I don’t care if theyre reruns..i love them. it soo relaxing. The day was so lazy, pano naman it was raining like barmy outside! Tapos there was this tagas sa may aircon! maghapon kaya akong nagpapaste ng butas sa may aircon. haaay.. life sa 28th floor is soo hard! Hahaha! Dukha.tlga. AKO!

I remember the time when I had this FREE INVITES for a movie screening. They were suposse to be a pair right? for some reason I only had one ticket! (can you imagine?) How was I suposse to go alone dba? I said to myself. But I DID. And you know what? I actually liked it. although people making out on love seats distract you, but so what? I enjoyed myself. Super!

SWIMMING WITH THE WHALES( hoy! ung brother ko nagsabi niyan! haha! im not the mean one!)

So once again, after a quick dip in the pool( yes we felt uninvited, no anorexic people allowed) ---swear , we looked like stick figures compared to them. andg hehealthy!

We played ball. Haha so fun. We played against these fat kids who were so nice. Tossing the ball like ham and then trying to get it back with gusto. Fun fun.

Its been a while since I last took a dip. Chlorine hurts my skin I don’t know why. It was kind of parang like the time when we use to hit the pool on a daily basis. We would do everything in the pool.. hahaha.. drink beer, play cards,eat, chill,roam around even study! Ewan ko ba we love to hang out, and then boom. Wala na. Ok lang. I got fed up na rin.

After that it was DVD MARATHON. I often tell people (and I can only surmise that they noticed it too) that im no movie guy) I’d rather chill and make out with strobe lights. I guess two movies wouild be enough. Anything beyond that strains me.


Lazy Saturday was surprisingly different. This time it was very aight(uuyy..Nigger talk!) tapos it was bumabagyo pa outside. I was sitting on the couch and everything was chill tlga. It was good. And I like good. Nakaka miss lang. Anyways.

Be cool was nice.funny and fast paced comedy

Four brothers was goood. Action and emotion combination

Like I said we had a quick dip in the pool,, whe we got bacl we saved the best for last.

The family stone…I know you might have hated this movie. a friend was bitching how he hated the movie because the characters ended up with the wrong person. So I said ok!. Pero when the movie was done, you know what? I liked it! the movie cleverly established (and im using that word for vindiction) that they weren’t meant for each other. They had to find out at a close call. It was clear to me who the real pair was, that’s why I never got disappointed. it had a sad but fulfiilling ending.

The only thing that drew me back was SJC ina different character. I was sio used to the sex and the city Carrie I knew.

I liked it. although now I understand why she never got the globe. Kulang pa pero Im proud she did ok.

I guess I have this soft spot for “holiday movies”. That’s why every Christmas when PPV channels show “home alone” I never get tired of watching it. I LOVE TO WATCH it DURING THE COLD HOLIDAYS. I don’t know why(I just try to erase the fact that macauhly caulkin's stoned cold!) anywho. I guess not getting tickets for SUPERMAN returns was worth it(thnx for the blowing the tickets ****!!!!)

Oh dear, in turning SAPPY again. Hahaha! Here I am talkig about tanorexia and all that prolific stuff and thenall of a sudden o trun all mushy. Whats up with that?


Lazy Saturday has been fun.Ü

Ano ba, I can’t be nostalgic right now! Ugh! Not right now!

I MISS YOU THEA AND INJ! AND DONNA AND EVERYONE ELSE BUSY! we should chill very soon. like tomorrow.Ü im sooo tired i need to detox tlga. as in this time i need it like water. wawa.


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