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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Le Homme Complicatuex

Whats going to play on my ipod:

"4ever" (the verokinas)

"criminal"(fiona apple)

"move along"(all american rejects)

"girl next door(saving jane)

"I write sins not tragedies(panic! at the disco)

"maybe"(up dharma down)

greatest hits 1999-2006(hed kandi hits)

Yeah yeah.i think i'm going back to my roots.things i have always loved since my unurbane highschool years.haha.nahh..i guess i just got so caught up with nu lights thats why i was one-track for a time.well i still am with no holds barred.i still like it like rhinestones on chocolate cake, but you know..haha.i think its because im rekindling similar passions without losing my current still an ibiza bear but you know its my "mood" that sets me off.

i have this "mood" right now. are you ready for this?

"downtown 90's new york"


yeah yeah.I kind of liked ice age 2.very very special movie for me.not because of the movie though.shit the movie made me laugh like a 12 year old pero yeah...i was kind of chill when i watched it four years ago.after all im still pissed over that greek resto thing! ugh! of all the people that half-austrian pa! haha.when i got home, half tanned and all, thats where i got my mood.

haha from this "whitney houston" movie which reminded me of fun-fun 90's

---so..yeah..i guess this is what im gonna be listening to summer 06'.my kind of beach music with good old alternative/pinoy/american rock.


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