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Friday, August 04, 2006

Paris "whores" it up yet again!
--> moi.Ü
i had the nerve to spend my day pa lounging around while having my haircut and having myself wrapped thinking i'm already done and stuff. hay. when you really think you got everything planned out it hits you like mudpie. wa=pak! ouch.
now I am slowly writing it again, cancelling my dinner with a friend.ugh. all this with an exam the next morning. pile, pile, pile, pile and more pile.

anyway, feast your eyes on the pride of the hilton clan. Ms. Paris.Ü clearly her sex videos are never enough. before you view her pics let me publish a qoute she made earlier

Paris hilton on SEX: "I think sex is a big deal, people give it away too freely and girls do it the first time they meet someone, I think it's something sacred and special and someone should deserve it. And I dont think many people do"

all together now!, "even though the guys are crazy, even though the stars are blind, if you show me REAL LOVE baby, I'll show you mine"

No one can beat Paris when it comes to being a slut. bra-vo!

Paris Hilton at the VIP room in St. Tropez


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