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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Shoppingero Excess Fix

im actually downstairs inside the mall. haha.
im so bored.

i felt really sleepy after work in new manila, must be all the pizza i guzzed down.

whatevs. anyway.

i went looking for stuff for school, apres lunch and some hullaballoo i bought a really small was the only thing left at handyman, i had no choice. i dont know if size is a requirement but what the heck. i hope everything fits. i hope

i cant even use my free hand since my impulsive shitwhore ass bought some other stuff from stores i really like. hay , there goes the money down the drain.

since dearest mom and dad gave me plastic, im really starting to become more impulsive than usual, so i when i saw this brazilian thing i didnt even bother to think what im going to use it for.

pati adaptor pinatulan ko, can you imagine?

plus food. haha fooood, you defacate and its all gone. i shouldnt be investing on food. lol
i should start buying really cheap tomatoes and live off it. *kidding*

last saturday, the family went for some italian brunch in wherelse? the family resto italiannis. i always enjoy eating there but its not my favorite though, i have vast selection of italian places since i practically obssess over tomatoes, capers, olives, Spinach!, and oliveoil, cilantro, ravioli
im drooling just thinking about it.

everyone was "busog" except for my brother who id like to call the "bottomless glutton".
i swear, the entire antipasto wasnt enought for him! haha. malulugi ang resto sa kanya.

my mom was very happy, she literally bought several pieces of new perfumes plus an ethnic bag and pink wedges.
my brother bought think pantalon and some green belt, i couldnt remember.
i couldnt remember what my dad bought, what i do remember is i
was the only one who didnt buy anything. ha.

i guess thats why im burning my plastic like mad.


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