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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Apres Hunting

Last week, a day before Milenyo wreaked havoc, Me and Mom decided to go shopping since shes leaving in a couple of days.

I finally got the cheap burnt red V-Neck shirt I've been eyeing for days. yay!

Was torn between flip-flops or the shirt. anyway , the tsinelas can wait for a week. no biggie.

As I quickly handed the shirt to the cashier, my mom pulled me to her resident "perfumera" and hoarded(take note hoarded!) her stock of parfums. Among the stuff she bought I personally liked "Cool Water Game" by Davidoff.

Its a stronger version of the original cool water and a more invigorating counterpart of the Raplh Blue

My pamangkin, chloe, who turned 3 last june is getting this hermaphrodite-leopard-tiger-werecat stuffed toy from edsa shangrila hotel as a pasalubong(haha, CHEAPSKATES!)

an exceprt from their phone call: hi, chloe, I bought you cute tiger toy
chloe: tiger toy!! is it big?
mom: no, chloe, just a small tiger toy
chloe: i want bigger tiger toy like my barney

Ugh, kids these days. Idolizing barney is SO EVIL in many ways.

Anyway, my gastronomic cravings were definitely satisfied as we made a quick stop to my favorite patisserie, Bizu and ordered the walang-kamatayang-blueberry chiboust and some mango chesscake.

I dunno whats up with this place. I never get tired of the food. i always,always come back for more.

(Calvin Klein, green military jacket)

Now, this jacket, could have been a disaster. After having dinner in japanese joint on a separate occasion, I spotted this green military CK jacket, quickly I went inside and wanted to swipe it away. Its a good thing I took a picutre of it before buying because I realized that it looks exactly the same as my TWO other green jackets! and to think it wasnt even on sale.haay! whats with the military green color!

Oh yeah, theres this wedding I kind-of gatecrashed because i was suppossed to meet a friend there. i also got dragged in unfortunately in my sneakers!

(pancake house near GH village after we quickly left the "wedding")

Last wednesday I did a job for a private party, I was a face-painter. the theme was hip-hop but when we got there they quickly changed it to "bahala na!" hallor. it was a good thing they were easy designs. originally they were suppossed to be 46! but then got trimmed to about 30+
I was so tired but it was fun. we got paid. haha

(finished product! haha)

(proper updates about step up, coffee with hs friends, etc when I upload the pics)


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