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Sunday, August 27, 2006


I am the busiest these days. I swear touch of daylight offends me like puruntong pants on a bad day.yeesh.

"I miss Rest like Micheal Jackson misses his nose"

let's see whats new:

1. Devil wears Prada is an amazing movie, watched the screening last week and enjoyed it, waited for weeks for it. Highly recommended!

2. Fergie's "London Bridge" is Number one dethroning Nelly furtado's Promiscuous

3. "Nicole" the half pinay from Pussycat dolls is the new bench lingerie model

4. A bar in makati has been recently renovated making it "cool again!" lol.

5. Im literally sore from eating "shaka-shaka" everyday.

6.Theres also a new place in the fort thats Goth inspired.


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