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Saturday, August 19, 2006


so its 2am and i have no sleep.

Godskitchen wasnt wat i expected it would turn out but what the heck?
at least i went out with my friend, had wonderul food and got my frozen kamikaze like i wanted it.(overflowing!) --

STILL. its frustrates me. I just got back from a 250 item course audit and i did it without resting so i was kind of half expectant. to top it all off no one understands me. Kitchen ano?
hay. connect! whatevs. "ano yun?" --ugh. please. tapos everyone pretends they like it. ano yun?

but im ok now. Im a lil tipsy but chill.

TDF Status!(to die for-status)
McShaker fries from Mcdo! they are heaven! sooobrraa. sour cream fries are the best.
a friend tells me theyre called shaka-shaka in tokyo. the cheese is also good.

This always cracks me up. a MADTV classic! to make me feel good and all that dope shit.feel good everyone!


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