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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Red Lions Win! and Maxim's Kaye Abad, Victoria Beckham nipple alert

28 years finally ended at season 82

Im supposse to be doing over-the-deadline-work but instead im wasting away on this. typical me. hallor.

Yesterday was Red Letter Day. I went home still feeling elated after that nail biting clincher. whew! I almost lost my balance
from all the panic jumping I did.

Its surreal really, I never expe
cted something like this would happen. I mean, yeah, we used to celebrate cheerdance victory but as you know, in college BASKETBALL is the only game to play.

When you win it. YOU WIN EVERYTHING.

suddenly the players became heroes, haha.and it was fun to watch everyone, from alumnus,relatives of students, people from other schools and even their children went to celebrate one thing. the 28 years of drought finally ended and broke the spell of the court. heck even a congressman from visayas flew in just to watch.

Koy Banal was the raison-d-etre and it was sweeter this time around since he was able to help his alma mater, thus explains the crying after the win.


Maxim magazines September 2006 issue with Kaye Abad on the cover

What do i say to this? prolly nothing.
wait, chito miranda is her boyfriend diba? isnt he galit or something. I mean, yeah
she looks a little un-sluttish BUT shes soo ordinary looking kaya it kinda looks cheap pa rin. for posh spice, the overly excited nipple has to go, yun lng


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