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Friday, November 17, 2006

CRAZY Me & U + Angelica Panganibans real and fake pics!

Another crazy event in my life-a.

Yes, I am ready to share, with, erm..exceptions. haha

Okay, so early morning I got up and went straight to claim something in fort bonifacio.
How important is this? it's just going to give FREE entrance to Embassy on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays! (taranta!)

the catch: I can only claim it between 10-12pm. so i was like on amazing race or something.

I went ahead, got a cab by 9:30 and said to the driver "the fort, pls". "sure" ang sabi ni driver.

Halfway, he got lost. shitter. He argued with me on how to get there. ayun, we got lost. I clearly said *I* know the way BUT NO! we went for a trip sa C5. and there it happened.

NASIRA ANG PUKE NG LECHENG the middle of fucking nowhere

I got down with much politeness, can you get me a cab?
ok, sure! dami dito niyan!
cmon! 10 minutes later i found myself riding a jeepney to market market!

When I got there I was pissed like hell. they redirected me to makati. ok. useless effort. Good thing there were good places to have lunch.

A good balsamic salad to work on, coupled with a nice grape shake courtesy of cafeteria.

On my way I couldnt help wondering how trivial this day was. haha. im late for school but in a weird way I was sooo over occupied with what happended.

Oh yeah I was also relieved to see this:

the REAL pic


Just look down.. perfect! growl for the camera angelica!

Excuse me, who are you?

Come on...

I bet David Blaine cant do this!


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