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Monday, November 13, 2006

Supposedly I was on my way to meet an editor to have my work evaluated, but my hair bothered me like crazy, so i called in and checked if Rex was there(the one who cuts my hair), stupid! it was tuesday! his off! come on! so i asked for his proxy, tim i think and this time i didnt read the mags like crazy like i used to. i instructed him carefully on how i like my hair cut.i liked it.

so i was walking towards the malls movie hub when this no entry line banged me.haha. i almost tripped. i kept looking at the new books at powerbooks live.

the meeting was at Masas. its a filipino restaurant thats fast becoming everyones fave pinoy craving.

the soup was fantastic. true pinoy fashion sinigang pork.

Hindi naman ako gutom so i ordered beef steak, mussels and gata for my veggie fill.
in short, i was bloated.

Masas' baked mussels are the best. i cant seem to figure what they put to put a very different flavor but still keeping it pinoy style. ugh! its driving me nuts!

The whole time we were discussing, i couldnt stop eating! as least I got what i wanted from the meeting. a quick dissection of my work. at least the editor honestly made the critique.


Marie Antoinette
starring kirsten dunst

I should have listened to the critics.
the movie sucks.

but i do LOVE sofia coppolas effort to modernize the story of the lavish queen.

why the hell did i see this movie?

because i got a message from a gawker telling me the story is about ME.
if you wanna know why. GO see it.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger jaymee said...


wala lang, i just came across a website that reminded me so much of you. maybe you even know about it already:

and for the record, jessica zafra is in here:

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Le Homme Scandiliath said...


ill go check it!

i love jessica zafra!


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