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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Felix Restaurant, Greenbelt 5

I'll blog this really quick because I have an appointment in alabang in a few hours and I still have to review for an exam! Yeesh!

So anyway, I went to Peninsula court saturday morning for work. I wasnt too happy with the input I did so I called my friend for an impromptu lunch.

Jaymee works for inquirer and lives nearby lang. So I said i wanted filipino, i said I've been wanting to try Lucy Torres-Gomez's, Ben Chan(BENCH) and Florabel Co(Florabel, Podium) restaurant FELIX in greenbelt 5.

so thats where we went for lunch.

Place is fantastically decked out. I guess its more suited for dinner dates because its a very typical fine dining restaurant. I just had pork belly with taro dish.

It was soooo good. the Php 450 pesos I paid for this winner is so worth it.

anyway, lunch was all about catching up, havent seen her since i lfet for davao for two months. it was good lunch, plus she gave me straighforward advice on my lack of effort on work. haha


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