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Saturday, June 17, 2006

M a s s t i g e M o n d a y



Remember when I said, I LOVE WALKING, "im the fucking new yorker not the sight seeing london ass", well, in a way shorter than an apology I'm taking that back, my feet hurts SOOOOo MUch! yes both of them, Those pesky street dancers should be leashed! No wait, they should pay me every single pavement I walked on. Not a single car in sight! can you believe that? Ofcourse you cant. whatever. Walking was the name of the game. It was very NY-ish but only with my feet hurting from a mountain climb.I should have entered the Mt' Everest Climbing contest! for the life of me! Masstige indeed!

MUSICOLOGY: Music Must Haves


The CD at the middle is,obviously a no brainer, Im really gonna buy that regardless of my mood or what, actually its already long overdue. I was about to buy it but then I didnt have more time back then. Listening to P!NK's "Im not dead" album , it shocked me on how good the new material is!. I had to repeat several songs because i liked them really well. It's still edgy but more deep.More Pink but less linda perry.Check out the songs "Dear Mr. President and I'm not dead and you'll agree how good the album sounds.the song "who knew", i recently discovered already has a video out,wow. after the ho-hum trouble cd things are looking up for pink musically. Im starting to wonder why sales werent good for her this time around. when I like songs they usually go to the top of the charts. The Afterwork Chillout Lounge CD was a blast to listen to!. total lounge vibe! yep yep.

P!nk + Dj #1 + Lounge =Must have music!.


As we head out after lunch, I went ahead and checked new books. I find it very Relaxing to immerse in something very transient. haha. I like reading them but I dont like buying them! At least you heard it first from me! Books are not my top investments. i guess borrowing will work for me? :) hehe. as usual i spent an equal amount squabbling over CD's as i did with the books.
the temperature was like sitting on an autoclave turned up very high, not even my lunch saved me from the heat. I decided to have HALO-HALO. yep. there was this dimunitive coffee shop with a
little costly snack stop offering halo-halo. Since it was blistering hot, i decided to buy in on the offer. i dont really have a soft spot for sweets so when I ate more than half I was already full. After that I tried looking around and found the most tempting candy:

GRAPE SODA CANDY: y-u-m-m-y-!

Sip it like orange juice!
it doesnt come cheap though. i was asking my fairly haired friends to buy me but refused instantaneously! hmp!
I had fun, I was happy walking and listening to my iPod as i usually do......but nothing could have prepared me for the most gaudy display of dance!
Everywhere I turn street dancers! yikes! but anyway the day was fairly detoxifying. i needed that. I went home still mucho satisfacto! :)

623357x600Britney Spears(yet again, with another on the way) --
now dont get me wrong, im not trying to be mean or anything like not sure if she already admitted that another baby is on the way a few months after her first child!
talk about career shifts.I mean what does she like more to front? a fat-ass singer or just come clean with her baby?

i dont want to be mean but cmon right?

Tyson Sy wins AF3 in batangas!

383233497_1Astig ka Ador Mawanay!!! (*Im kidding!*) seriously doesnt he look like the infamous mawanay? hahaha!
my hats off to you though, winning that after your dissappointing performance last year was indeed inspiring! he was so fast! i swear he was leading by 7 seconds or something like that.


SEAN PAUL: Live in Manila --- May 12, 2006 friday! tickets go for 2800 as highest price and 350 for the cheapest(and the farthest).
Contact me through email or text for more details


for those asking on how i got the color green? just copy it from word or any colored text and it will register just fine. ok k?
More TV inspection when I get back! Comments pls! thanks Elyu! :) keep em coming! ciao!


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