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Saturday, June 17, 2006

S u n d a y C h i l l

It was like dejavu all over again. I was seated in a corner far away from the rest, introverted and seemingly quiet. One look at me and one could infer I did not exactly know what I was doing.

Crazy but it was like that. I feel like E.T from a Steven Spielberg movie. I guess some things don’t really change when you get really comfortable eh?

Anyway, lets not get piquant on what’s presumptuous and what’s not. Ok? Production’s not really my forte. If you know what I mean. ;)



I’m previewing upcoming songs that *I* know will become big a few moments from now. Some of them are already sales gainer but I just could not resist writing them down, Im getting hooked! Hello! That’s a gargantuan sign that it’s good! (Im not sure I’ll be able to post pictures though, you know how friendster wants to milk money out of me!)

Read on if you want to know what’s going to be Tijuana HOT!:

“Oo” by Updharma Down

--This one’s a little old **I know! Don’t get your eyebrows raised! ** But still I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! for those of you who haven’t heard it yet

“Get together” by Madonna

--Probably the best song on the album. Less than a month on my iPod and it has already achieved a playcount of 44! When you get to hear this a few weeks from now, you’ll know what I mean.

“4ever” by the Veronicas

--Australian duo with a twist. I love the riffs and how their voices blend well together. I think this was part of the “She’s the Man soundtrack”

“Saying Sorry” by Hawthorne Heights

--It’s a new band but the music’s GOOOD old pop rock!



Had I been informed the obligatory three-days-before-an-event-preparation I could have whipped my ass and went there straight ahead! Anyway, this was last Saturday, I already had previous plans. Bummer. Yes. This has been the second time I wasn’t able to come to my friends events. Hmm. The first one being in Halo a couple of months back. Im such a lousy eventologist! Read the entire message if you must:




Hey guys! My friends are hosting a small event this and if you get this msg, I expect YOU to be there! SAUVAGE, A Sunset Party, tonight, 6pm-12mn at 9F Tropical Palms, dela rosa st., Legazpi village., Makati City. Free Shots for the whole night and no entrance! You’ve got nothing to lose! Beers, food, and other cocktails will also be served but at your expense Ü visit for more details



Nicole_richie_1 Nicole Richie on the June cover of Vanity Fair

--still tanorexic,anorexic, name it.but the hair's nice though. gotta have a lot of G's for that kind of hair.


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