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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Grabe. blogging has caused some stir in the outside world. its a new way to scoop for information. take for example the unexpected case of hannah vera cruz. ordinary rich-girl(dress by jasmine di milo(pinoy designer niyan! lesley mobo!), shoes jimmy choo) blogger studying in NY. apparently dolly ann(of inquirer) posted the link to her blog about some showbiz ka-cheapan in Embassy(this place is soo trashed with bold stars and pok-poks!) and boom her meter went up like its locked. haha. pero i guess after this shes freaking famous na.
i know, i know..bryan boy is more infamous for that..the bitch post comments like "his shlong is kinda long" but bryan bo
y's readership, its not too local so okay lang... he kind of gets away with it.

Im soooo busy these days..obvious ba? i cant even update this piece
of travestry.over the weekend after raiding the mountains of le mall of asia and the pacific someone came over and brought this board game called "RISK". its a loong game. you could keep playing for 5 hours! nakakatired! pero astig din. its strategy. parang command and conquer. kaso, you know school...research today, exam the next day, research the next day, long quiz today! whatever!

Im currently listening to this hed kandi no. 59 serve chilled. true enough chill! haha!
but theres this one song that caught my i am by kaskade. its medyo old pero i like it. im sooo backward in music! help! whatever. im bitter, a friend of mine probably doesnt appreciate it that much pero he has new music(not so new) to boost! i know, its better than nothing.


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