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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dolce Latte: Bad Customer Service

I feel bad for writing this since Dolce Latte isnt a few months old, I guess theyre allowed to make mistakes. but hey, sadly, they made that mistake on me.

So, before my exams, I went out for a quick lunch. I was studying in a nearby coffee place and Dole Latte was right next by. So I sat uncomfortably.(the seats were pretentiously not proportioned).

As you can see, this is not some fast food carinderia-what-have-you. Theyre trying to be casual dining, with the dim lights and the expensive dinner ware.

the food is priced around 400-600xx

honestly, i dont give a flying fuck about anything, i just wanna eat.

but when i ordered, thats when inexperience came in.

they gave me the wrong entree.

and the one they gave me had shrimp.

I'm super allergic to shrimp.

No, I didnt make a scandal out of it, I just politely asked the waiter to fetch me my "medicine" in a nearby drugstore.

what the hell, i even paid for the meal, even if they were trying to bribe me with all sorts of things.

My point is: get your shit together. youre lucky i didnt have my magazine/newspaper connections write a bad review about your place.

I was so polite all thru out, not even one cent of anger came out of my mouth. and all i hear was, were very sorry.

again, its ok., just get your shit together next time.


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