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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

500 Days Of Summer

It has been what? A month since this "iconic" chick-flick hit the theaters and I'm just blogging about it now! haha! forgive me, I've had too much stuff on my hands that I had no time to give a piece of my mind on this film. bettr late than never!

so here's my take on the whole summer-tom love-drunk-fiasco:

I like the movie because its so real. in lay mans term, "may-mga-lecheng-tao-talaga-na-walang-magawa-kung-hindi-mag-pa-asa-at-maging-super-insensitive-na-di-pa-sana-hinampas-na-lang-sila-ng-one-half-one-fourth-ng-walis-tingting-at-di-na-lang-nagpakita-forever-kesa-manira ng-diskarte-ng-iba-na-nag-ta-try-mag-move-on!".

the line i hate the most is "thats when i knew, what I wasnt sure with you".

I hate this line because its so blunt.

you know, in this day and age we could all use a semblance of blissful ignorance. like what the famous poet said, "what you dont know cant hurt you".

yes yes, we all need to know the truth, but sometimes, there are things better left unsaid. love is an investment so the least you could do is respect even it means keeping part of the truth to yourself.

and now i will wait for miley cyrus' the last song. haha! im kidding!


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