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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr Ramyun: Korean Beef Noodles

After finishing two shoots, we had dinner at this quaint korean noodle house/convenience store. I'm pretty familiar with korean food since my sister used to work for a korean and I also did a restaurant review for Sorabol in greenhills. However I will be the first to admit that Korean is not my flavor because frankly it is too spicy.

Mr. Ramyun

I requested for the noodles to be not spicy. lo and behold it was still spicy!

I was pleasanlty surprised that I was able to finish the bowl! It was quite authentic than my previous eats. I like how the spicyness doesnt stay too long. much like wasabi. which was quite different with Sorabol as I almost vomited from the extreme "anghang".

I even finished the complementary kimchi! I was so suprised that It was really good. I was actually wanting for another bowl!

hopefully when I go back I could try the ice cream as well as the other noodles :)

thanks to sir jason for taking me to Mr. Ramyun :))


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