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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tsoko Nut Shop + Harry Potter Naked + Britney Bald

around 8am I met up with Steven, a classmate from highschool who I only get to see when I go home.He came over for some job interview shenanigan. Since Sbux was the only coffee shop open we settled there and he, panting from the traffic was too shocked to really calm down.I couldnt stop laughing from all his stories including vulgar and really scary ones from the typhoon.

After that I quickly ran to makati to have my hair cut. Goodness, my hair's so long because I had to leave it long for hed kandi. When I got there, I called my "barber", Ms Anna. everything seemed fine, i was even browsing some korean hair shit styles when I chanched upon the sign. They changed the name of the salon completely.So instead of Crispin Britanico Salon its now called Mary Pauline Salon. Apparently crispin hasnt been paying my "barberos". haha i guess the gold's gym tie up would also be renamed.

around 2:00 i was soooper hungry I quickly exited from glorietta to sm makati. and there i found the place I really wanted to try out: Tsoko Nut.

Aside from the batirol, i think the dinuguan with rice tasted very well. It wasnt too strong, i guess it was a little "matabang" and i kind of liked that.

Plus! its unbelievably cheap! for 100+ you get a full meal. good right?

Daniel Radcliffe for his play "Equis"

Poor kids who idolize this bold star in training. forever traumatized.
At least he only did it for 15 minutes. ayun. 15 minutes lang naman.

(photos courtesy of dessertcomesfirst and a friend from multiply. TY!)

Ta-daa! Break down break down amd move it all around, break down, break down, and move it all arounnnddd!!

"Britney after going bald"(hideous wig! cough up the 100 million and buy some good ones!)

As you all know, Britney went inside a salon and literally asked for her head top be shaved. upon the stylists refusal to shave her, she hides at the corner of the salon and shaves her head BALD.

and now the biggest revelation : britney is bald in ALL places.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Music and Lyrics: The Review

This might sound a bit odd but the movie was mababaw, very simple and downright funny. those probably were the reasons why I loved the movie. I know, I know, there were lapses in the film but the songs! its stuck in my freaking head!

EYE LAV IT. period. and more periods.

I was laughing the whole time and take note, I was having a bit of a hangover from last night but Still I was frisky than ever.

I really hope this film mkaes it big in the box office because people should appreciate films for their "kalaid-backan" you know what I mean?

"Dapat when you watch films, it shouldnt make you think hard or pour out excessive emotions. Dapat you're rested lang and nothing else. "chill" is the right word and not "chillax" ugh.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Gwen Stefani + Prada Phone

the prada phone -all touch screen by LG.

SWEET ESCAPE by Gwen Stefani

Eyelavit. reminds me of "rocksteady". and the video! rapunzel meets the L.A.M.B of Gwen.

"If I could escape, and recreate a place of my own world
and I could be your favorite
forever, perfectly together
and tell me boy wouldnt that it be sweet?

If I could be sweet
I know Ive been really bad
I didnt mean for you to get hurt
we can make it better
now tell me wouldnt that be sweet?"

sweet escape-