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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FireFallDown: My First Blog Award!

I won an Apple iTouch! how cool is that?

more than the iTouch, CD and shirt (not to mention appearing on a UK based website), what really touches my heart, and just shocks me out of disbelief is the fact that i won.

you know i never win in anything, i remember back in third grade, my mom and dad forced me to enter this singing contest, haha. what did i get? second place.

so to win anything is just beyond real!

more importantly, THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG AWARD.

I've been blogging for three years now because writing is also a passion of mine. thats why i could never leave my multiply, because this is where i blog. I only do facebook and twitter because everyone knows im a trend victim. i have to be always on key.haha but i really feel passionate about sharing whats on my mind.

i feel so blessed, i cant thank God enough for this blessing. can you believe it!?! I have a blog award!!! im so happy. thank you thank you thank you


thank you to the entire PR team, eon, studio 5, ms joy, thank you for dinner during the photo shoot. and for the video shoot as so freaked out, its coming in a few days!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Save A Life

After the dreadful weekend wherein i was stuck for 17 hours in eastwood, i barely had a weekend. I was away for almost two days so when i got off early monday i decided to run my errands right then and there.

As i always say, theres always that euphoric, almost addicting feeling when i burn my wallet.

Ever since the recession started i swore to stop eating after shopping just to save on money but will still afford me to buy the same stuff I buy usually

But this was one time i broke my rule.

After almost a year since my last visit, i started to miss having lunch at one of my favorite cheap but delish joints. i always get pasta and grape juice.ALWAYS. I guess the reason why I didnt go back for a long time is because I dont shop that often in greenhills anymore.What's funny is, back then, wheenver i feel down, this is always the place i turn to. now, its a homecoming of sorts. I've had so many blessings this past few months, and i could never thank enough God for them. but sometimes, you just give in to the gloom.

Pizza Greca (feta cheese,olives,garlic,artichokes,sun dried tomatoes)

so when i had a bite, maaan, i was just ecstatic! it just made me really happy.

i dont care if its material happiness. the point is, it took my blues away.

and for that, i'll always go back to this place which has become my comfort food. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Torn Between Two Retail Lovers

I was so deporessed friday that I couldnt do anything productive saturday morning, after a quick run, I took a bath and hurried to makati to meet a friend who i havent seen in ages. its also a good time to do some retail therapy!

first up: power mac center in greenbelt 3. well actually its for my mom. my super sosyal mother has been nagging me to buy her a belkin case for her new phone.

Belkin iPhone 3GS case (P1,200)

I threw away my shisheido lip balm because it make smy lips crack. instead i went to first aid in gb3 to purchase a pharmacist recommended and cheaper balm: carmex!

Carmex lip balm (P80.00)

As i went for a quick stop at my perennial store Topman, i saw this really cool chain necklace! I quickly gave the SA my card and waited for him to swipe it away, sadly, my card had problems so i said

"its ok, i'll just get cash from the atm, hold it for me"

Topman silver chain (P945)

After getting cash, I saw CARBON, the all black store by raul francisco? (correct me)

I've always loved CARBON. all the pieces are classy. but what is this, its on sale!!!

the steel door of carbon(gb3)

black is always classy. i was torn between the topman necklace and this! it took me a good 20 minutes to decide! but i went with CARBON piece since topman is always in my closet, i think this carbon piece will be a welcome addition to my euro-trash closet! haha

Carbon seahorse silver necklace( P1,380)

I politely went back to topman and told them that I went for another purchase, ok lang naman daw, eh hello, kase naman, their machine is not working.

then i went to the very quaint FIRMA store which houses Bea Valdes bags as well as Lhuiller pieces and beamon necklaces.

again for the second time i was torn between two items!

i think i spent a good 15 minutes asking the sales associate which is better

me: miss, which is better?

sa: that one sir because the detail is better

me: ok...

me: which one?

haha. i swear i was like a broken record


armband with silver detail (P500)

price is not bad right?

but i went with the one below, because like what they said, its all about the detail!

after my retail hunt, met up with donna and had dinner in itallianis. haha because i had no more money! anyway, it was a fun day.

totally erased some of my badtrip-ness.

anyway, if you were me, would you have picked my choices as well? :))

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Guitar Hero @ Timezone

thought of playing "yellow" by coldplay on guitarhero after a very hectic day of shopping and meeting people.

thats us looking all goofy and child like.

next week i'll be pretty wrap up in books so this is quite ironic.haha