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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obsession Du Jour: Slim Ties

Black tie( Topman), Splat Paint Tie(Folded and hung)

I've always been a Dior homme boy. Hedi Slimane, who herald the revolution of thinspiration for Dior Homme is truly my style icon for suits and anythign tailored.

So, its not a surprise that when the oppurtunity came for me to wear somethign corporate, the first thing I did was to replicate Slimanes signature skinny suits and ties.

the black one is the slimmest you can get, its like stick thin. and i love the fabric, its just worth every penny.

the graphic power eighties tie was something that was unbelievably cheap that it was hard to resist. I just had to buy it. hello i love cheap finds!

hopefully i can fill my wardrobe with more style staples.

hopefully a tom ford inspired oen and yes, balmain homme!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Day: My Weekend With Le Famille

My weekend was one of those rare moments wherein i literally could call it a rest day.

For one, i slept the whole saturday night. Now thats something i consider a rarity.

And then sunday was so fun because it was FAMILY DAY!

After blogging for 5 hours, i took my lunch, went for a quick shower and me and my brother went to go shopping. He badly needed shoes so we went to Rustans to get some.

With a recessionist budget you could say the sale in Rustans was a big help. Originally i wanted to get Sledger shoe because of the french detailing but it was way over budget by a thousand.(4,250)

So we settled for Oleg Cassini which was comfortably priced at (3,250).

sledger shoe (4,250)

marks and spencer military jacket (6,300)

After that we went out to look for a bag for school. The bag was quite cheap so i went looking to buy him a jacket.

I saw this really stunning military jacket at Marks&Spencer for 6,300.

folded ang hung gray rayon jacket (around 2000)

Way expensive right now. So i thought of hitting my favorite bargain store Folded&Hung.

Well i was right, we got a cooler replica for just 2000 pesos!

Its such a wonderful feeling to go home with so many stuff that your arms hurt but yet, still sticking to your budget.


We went home, changed and ate a lite snack and off i went to church.

Fun weekend right?