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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bench FEVER Afterparty

Ok. so I've been telling people that the Bench underwear fashion tomorrow, june 30, 2006 has been SOLD OUT since first week of june. So unless your Tara Tambunting or Princess Violago, you wont get tickets no matter what. so instead of reveling in the fact that you cant go and miss all the fun why not join the AFTERPARTY?

The Good folks at Embassy sent me this invite. you should come too.

June 30, The Official Bench Underwear After-Party with DJ Anton Ramos, Champagne room DJ's Ace Mars and Johnny Verse

P500 pesos/ 3 drinks free
10 pm.

Dj Anton Ramos is one of the more venerable club masters in the country. TRUST ME. he's good with the spinning. makes me want to learn DJ-ing. ugh. kudos to Johnny verse and ace mars!

but yeah you'll miss this:

(picture credit : Cecile Zamora's Manila Lifestyle blog)

Seasoned model Rissa Samson/ Don Mendoza / Underwear wearing hip-hoppers

Paola Tesoro/ thin-as-hell Ria Bolivar/

go check out bench by clicking here

give me a shout ok at +639215944303. ciao.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Im soooo relieved. Remember when i said i badly needed to to CHILL?
well gues what, I DID. i ditched my loong paperwork for some unstressing.

but Lunch wasnt all nice, i mean yeah, my lunch date was fanstastic. my friend and I consoled each others stresses BUT Plato Platina isnt all pancakes and daisies! cmon! its mediocre italian. in fairness maganda ang palm tree at the back of my chair! haha!. dont bether asking where to find it, you might need a paddle and a boat to get there. ahahay! preparation for my superman excess(im still crossing my fingers for those tix at imax) heres my recently acquired kfc tumbler(which by the way pinag-agawan pa namin) hahaha! burgis!

heres what im working on... sana i'll be done tommorow.its a resto i reviewed. its gonna come up in a few weeks. the owner is my former prof. so yeah. it was nice. its the first organic resto in manila but i cant reveal too much.

kanina. haaay. we had this stupid play for my class. i hate plays. i hate bringing stuff to school hence my vintage preppy shirt...
hello!(as in pronounced without the "w") i like bought this years ago. its practically vintage.
i like it though, its from a good store. its for a birthday of a friend, but anyway, my point is, I had to bring this for that play. AND I HATE EXCESS BAGGAGE. umulan kaya kanina.

check out "maneater" by nelly furtado/"public affair" jessica simpson and "get together" madonna. un lang.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lazy Saturday


Lazy Saturday

Im liking Saturday! Ü

Actually its not literally lazy pala,I started the day typing the hell out of my research due for Monday, cmon di ba? My hands are sooooooooooo pagod. It’s not even funny.

Anyway (im using this word like hello!).

DVD’s galore! I don’t care if theyre reruns..i love them. it soo relaxing. The day was so lazy, pano naman it was raining like barmy outside! Tapos there was this tagas sa may aircon! maghapon kaya akong nagpapaste ng butas sa may aircon. haaay.. life sa 28th floor is soo hard! Hahaha! Dukha.tlga. AKO!

I remember the time when I had this FREE INVITES for a movie screening. They were suposse to be a pair right? for some reason I only had one ticket! (can you imagine?) How was I suposse to go alone dba? I said to myself. But I DID. And you know what? I actually liked it. although people making out on love seats distract you, but so what? I enjoyed myself. Super!

SWIMMING WITH THE WHALES( hoy! ung brother ko nagsabi niyan! haha! im not the mean one!)

So once again, after a quick dip in the pool( yes we felt uninvited, no anorexic people allowed) ---swear , we looked like stick figures compared to them. andg hehealthy!

We played ball. Haha so fun. We played against these fat kids who were so nice. Tossing the ball like ham and then trying to get it back with gusto. Fun fun.

Its been a while since I last took a dip. Chlorine hurts my skin I don’t know why. It was kind of parang like the time when we use to hit the pool on a daily basis. We would do everything in the pool.. hahaha.. drink beer, play cards,eat, chill,roam around even study! Ewan ko ba we love to hang out, and then boom. Wala na. Ok lang. I got fed up na rin.

After that it was DVD MARATHON. I often tell people (and I can only surmise that they noticed it too) that im no movie guy) I’d rather chill and make out with strobe lights. I guess two movies wouild be enough. Anything beyond that strains me.


Lazy Saturday was surprisingly different. This time it was very aight(uuyy..Nigger talk!) tapos it was bumabagyo pa outside. I was sitting on the couch and everything was chill tlga. It was good. And I like good. Nakaka miss lang. Anyways.

Be cool was nice.funny and fast paced comedy

Four brothers was goood. Action and emotion combination

Like I said we had a quick dip in the pool,, whe we got bacl we saved the best for last.

The family stone…I know you might have hated this movie. a friend was bitching how he hated the movie because the characters ended up with the wrong person. So I said ok!. Pero when the movie was done, you know what? I liked it! the movie cleverly established (and im using that word for vindiction) that they weren’t meant for each other. They had to find out at a close call. It was clear to me who the real pair was, that’s why I never got disappointed. it had a sad but fulfiilling ending.

The only thing that drew me back was SJC ina different character. I was sio used to the sex and the city Carrie I knew.

I liked it. although now I understand why she never got the globe. Kulang pa pero Im proud she did ok.

I guess I have this soft spot for “holiday movies”. That’s why every Christmas when PPV channels show “home alone” I never get tired of watching it. I LOVE TO WATCH it DURING THE COLD HOLIDAYS. I don’t know why(I just try to erase the fact that macauhly caulkin's stoned cold!) anywho. I guess not getting tickets for SUPERMAN returns was worth it(thnx for the blowing the tickets ****!!!!)

Oh dear, in turning SAPPY again. Hahaha! Here I am talkig about tanorexia and all that prolific stuff and thenall of a sudden o trun all mushy. Whats up with that?


Lazy Saturday has been fun.Ü

Ano ba, I can’t be nostalgic right now! Ugh! Not right now!

I MISS YOU THEA AND INJ! AND DONNA AND EVERYONE ELSE BUSY! we should chill very soon. like tomorrow.Ü im sooo tired i need to detox tlga. as in this time i need it like water. wawa.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Kind of Abstract Art

a few days back my horrid horrid gave me the unfash way of discipline. whatevs. hmp!

Im reading "devil wears prada" right now, and i think "middlesex" interests me also. yung nga lang i have to find the time to read. everything is hectic. even when i sleep its hectic, thats how hectic I am.

ang wasted ng mga posts ko no? eh pano naman, i dont have the time. i cant make pa-style my blog like i want to. TIME, i need to meet you again. as in! we have to meet. Eyeball ito! (fuck, ang baduy!)

peek inside my schedule!

June 24, 2006 10pm Friday

marco's birthday in pasig(i have to cancel, the cars broke and all that shit)

June 25, 2006 10am-10pm Saturday

its manila day but I have to work! my portugal bound boss exploits me like macaroons

June 26, 2006 10am? Sunday

school research --will have to type shitloads of pages of research. when i say shitloads i mean like thousands of words. whew.
not to mention review. yes. apparently my professor likes to play "peek-a-boo", only when he peeks he gives a very complicated exam.

June 27, 2006 Monday

school stuff again--
will have to meet for business, (super kahihiyan!) were cancelling a deal. im so embarassed, pero what can i do its not my call, i only follow the queen bee. haay. i hope i live this down. its MY NAME, for the life of me! i'll be forever tainted! kawawa.

anyway, i dont know if switching to blogspot will do me any good. i mean, my friendster blog dati was sooo restricted. parang everything I write is half baked. ngayon hopefully it would be more me. i'll start off by a few of my ka-walang kwetang gawa!

its really hard to put into words what you feel, its an abstraction I try to hold back as much as instead of random rambling i'll just put it into art. Actually I do this all the time. that is when I have the concentration to do it. I cant do it instantly. as you can see its all about condescending pessimism! haha! how typical. i know i know...whatever. here it is. indulge!(i cant believe im showing you my badly drawn art! ugh!)
just try to decipher carefully what you see. deep dish is the key!

"Red Instrospection"


"Coccooned Steps"



Thursday, June 22, 2006


Grabe. blogging has caused some stir in the outside world. its a new way to scoop for information. take for example the unexpected case of hannah vera cruz. ordinary rich-girl(dress by jasmine di milo(pinoy designer niyan! lesley mobo!), shoes jimmy choo) blogger studying in NY. apparently dolly ann(of inquirer) posted the link to her blog about some showbiz ka-cheapan in Embassy(this place is soo trashed with bold stars and pok-poks!) and boom her meter went up like its locked. haha. pero i guess after this shes freaking famous na.
i know, i know..bryan boy is more infamous for that..the bitch post comments like "his shlong is kinda long" but bryan bo
y's readership, its not too local so okay lang... he kind of gets away with it.

Im soooo busy these days..obvious ba? i cant even update this piece
of travestry.over the weekend after raiding the mountains of le mall of asia and the pacific someone came over and brought this board game called "RISK". its a loong game. you could keep playing for 5 hours! nakakatired! pero astig din. its strategy. parang command and conquer. kaso, you know school...research today, exam the next day, research the next day, long quiz today! whatever!

Im currently listening to this hed kandi no. 59 serve chilled. true enough chill! haha!
but theres this one song that caught my i am by kaskade. its medyo old pero i like it. im sooo backward in music! help! whatever. im bitter, a friend of mine probably doesnt appreciate it that much pero he has new music(not so new) to boost! i know, its better than nothing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I've Moved!

Yes. I am moving from my friendster blog. Im so sedentary this is all the movement I'll get. Im kidding. :-) I'll keep you all posted.

Apparently, I'm not the only one whose moved for the better:

The Simple Life Star Nicole Ritchie has become the new face of Jimmy Choo for the Spring / Summer collection. Tamara Mellon, the president of Jimmy Choo specially selected Nicole for her "incredibly sophisticated look and fabulous sense of style".

S u n d a y C h i l l

It was like dejavu all over again. I was seated in a corner far away from the rest, introverted and seemingly quiet. One look at me and one could infer I did not exactly know what I was doing.

Crazy but it was like that. I feel like E.T from a Steven Spielberg movie. I guess some things don’t really change when you get really comfortable eh?

Anyway, lets not get piquant on what’s presumptuous and what’s not. Ok? Production’s not really my forte. If you know what I mean. ;)



I’m previewing upcoming songs that *I* know will become big a few moments from now. Some of them are already sales gainer but I just could not resist writing them down, Im getting hooked! Hello! That’s a gargantuan sign that it’s good! (Im not sure I’ll be able to post pictures though, you know how friendster wants to milk money out of me!)

Read on if you want to know what’s going to be Tijuana HOT!:

“Oo” by Updharma Down

--This one’s a little old **I know! Don’t get your eyebrows raised! ** But still I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! for those of you who haven’t heard it yet

“Get together” by Madonna

--Probably the best song on the album. Less than a month on my iPod and it has already achieved a playcount of 44! When you get to hear this a few weeks from now, you’ll know what I mean.

“4ever” by the Veronicas

--Australian duo with a twist. I love the riffs and how their voices blend well together. I think this was part of the “She’s the Man soundtrack”

“Saying Sorry” by Hawthorne Heights

--It’s a new band but the music’s GOOOD old pop rock!



Had I been informed the obligatory three-days-before-an-event-preparation I could have whipped my ass and went there straight ahead! Anyway, this was last Saturday, I already had previous plans. Bummer. Yes. This has been the second time I wasn’t able to come to my friends events. Hmm. The first one being in Halo a couple of months back. Im such a lousy eventologist! Read the entire message if you must:




Hey guys! My friends are hosting a small event this and if you get this msg, I expect YOU to be there! SAUVAGE, A Sunset Party, tonight, 6pm-12mn at 9F Tropical Palms, dela rosa st., Legazpi village., Makati City. Free Shots for the whole night and no entrance! You’ve got nothing to lose! Beers, food, and other cocktails will also be served but at your expense Ü visit for more details



Nicole_richie_1 Nicole Richie on the June cover of Vanity Fair

--still tanorexic,anorexic, name it.but the hair's nice though. gotta have a lot of G's for that kind of hair.

M a s s t i g e M o n d a y



Remember when I said, I LOVE WALKING, "im the fucking new yorker not the sight seeing london ass", well, in a way shorter than an apology I'm taking that back, my feet hurts SOOOOo MUch! yes both of them, Those pesky street dancers should be leashed! No wait, they should pay me every single pavement I walked on. Not a single car in sight! can you believe that? Ofcourse you cant. whatever. Walking was the name of the game. It was very NY-ish but only with my feet hurting from a mountain climb.I should have entered the Mt' Everest Climbing contest! for the life of me! Masstige indeed!

MUSICOLOGY: Music Must Haves


The CD at the middle is,obviously a no brainer, Im really gonna buy that regardless of my mood or what, actually its already long overdue. I was about to buy it but then I didnt have more time back then. Listening to P!NK's "Im not dead" album , it shocked me on how good the new material is!. I had to repeat several songs because i liked them really well. It's still edgy but more deep.More Pink but less linda perry.Check out the songs "Dear Mr. President and I'm not dead and you'll agree how good the album sounds.the song "who knew", i recently discovered already has a video out,wow. after the ho-hum trouble cd things are looking up for pink musically. Im starting to wonder why sales werent good for her this time around. when I like songs they usually go to the top of the charts. The Afterwork Chillout Lounge CD was a blast to listen to!. total lounge vibe! yep yep.

P!nk + Dj #1 + Lounge =Must have music!.


As we head out after lunch, I went ahead and checked new books. I find it very Relaxing to immerse in something very transient. haha. I like reading them but I dont like buying them! At least you heard it first from me! Books are not my top investments. i guess borrowing will work for me? :) hehe. as usual i spent an equal amount squabbling over CD's as i did with the books.
the temperature was like sitting on an autoclave turned up very high, not even my lunch saved me from the heat. I decided to have HALO-HALO. yep. there was this dimunitive coffee shop with a
little costly snack stop offering halo-halo. Since it was blistering hot, i decided to buy in on the offer. i dont really have a soft spot for sweets so when I ate more than half I was already full. After that I tried looking around and found the most tempting candy:

GRAPE SODA CANDY: y-u-m-m-y-!

Sip it like orange juice!
it doesnt come cheap though. i was asking my fairly haired friends to buy me but refused instantaneously! hmp!
I had fun, I was happy walking and listening to my iPod as i usually do......but nothing could have prepared me for the most gaudy display of dance!
Everywhere I turn street dancers! yikes! but anyway the day was fairly detoxifying. i needed that. I went home still mucho satisfacto! :)

623357x600Britney Spears(yet again, with another on the way) --
now dont get me wrong, im not trying to be mean or anything like not sure if she already admitted that another baby is on the way a few months after her first child!
talk about career shifts.I mean what does she like more to front? a fat-ass singer or just come clean with her baby?

i dont want to be mean but cmon right?

Tyson Sy wins AF3 in batangas!

383233497_1Astig ka Ador Mawanay!!! (*Im kidding!*) seriously doesnt he look like the infamous mawanay? hahaha!
my hats off to you though, winning that after your dissappointing performance last year was indeed inspiring! he was so fast! i swear he was leading by 7 seconds or something like that.


SEAN PAUL: Live in Manila --- May 12, 2006 friday! tickets go for 2800 as highest price and 350 for the cheapest(and the farthest).
Contact me through email or text for more details


for those asking on how i got the color green? just copy it from word or any colored text and it will register just fine. ok k?
More TV inspection when I get back! Comments pls! thanks Elyu! :) keep em coming! ciao!

Le Homme Complicatuex

Whats going to play on my ipod:

"4ever" (the verokinas)

"criminal"(fiona apple)

"move along"(all american rejects)

"girl next door(saving jane)

"I write sins not tragedies(panic! at the disco)

"maybe"(up dharma down)

greatest hits 1999-2006(hed kandi hits)

Yeah yeah.i think i'm going back to my roots.things i have always loved since my unurbane highschool years.haha.nahh..i guess i just got so caught up with nu lights thats why i was one-track for a time.well i still am with no holds barred.i still like it like rhinestones on chocolate cake, but you know..haha.i think its because im rekindling similar passions without losing my current still an ibiza bear but you know its my "mood" that sets me off.

i have this "mood" right now. are you ready for this?

"downtown 90's new york"


yeah yeah.I kind of liked ice age 2.very very special movie for me.not because of the movie though.shit the movie made me laugh like a 12 year old pero yeah...i was kind of chill when i watched it four years ago.after all im still pissed over that greek resto thing! ugh! of all the people that half-austrian pa! haha.when i got home, half tanned and all, thats where i got my mood.

haha from this "whitney houston" movie which reminded me of fun-fun 90's

---so..yeah..i guess this is what im gonna be listening to summer 06'.my kind of beach music with good old alternative/pinoy/american rock.

Summer Bum


its exactly day 3 of my 7 day summer vacation. haha. im so fucked up.where the hell can you find summer in 7 freak-in days? anyway thats all I can work with.

In a few days I'll find out if I'll get bronzed up or not. Im thinkning fo a 2 day trip to the white beaches 2 hours from us, but its still tentative.I might risk getting black instead of bronze.haha
i wanna go back looking a like a freaking beach bum not some overly tanned surfer!

--glorious sunshine isnt it? you cant find that in any pancaked beaches anywhere! thats my genius working 28 floors up. yes people of the urban kind, i am a delusional photographer.

so tuesday night, my very hentai-loving brother downloaded a whole movie out of a share ware program called limewire. ooh, that program is heaven, that is if your own dsl.
I watched the "Le pathetique" movie "ICE AGE 2" a couple opf weeks back and wanted to repeat via ripped dvd. so we did.

only thing is instead of ice age, i got "eurotrip".i got punked, freaking a! after downloading the movie for over 14 hours i got eurotrip! i mean where is ice age in eurotrip? i dont get it


so anyway, i bought 3 cups of jell-o and watched the movie from the pc.
all i can say is. its half baked.the movie i mean
although all the nudity made up for it.haha
u gotta love cheesy american films!

jell-o + funny movie = bum attack

yep.thats how it is for me, me as the little asshole living down under.


2006040806770201 Judas?

If your stuck on the tube like me you might have heard of national geographics recent feature on the massively publicized "gospel of judas".
for a droid like me i was drawn. i mean cmon right? judas having his own gospel?
thats like naomi campbell being all nice ans giddy!

but im not sold on it totally. i have to wait for further research. you cant trust those scholars. you never know when theyre faking you.

Idol Blabber

Its down to eight,for the past weeks ive been extremely busy which didnt allow to watch the populat talent show. but mandisa's out and that means one mark down for the fat girls!

post something crazy! or better yet email me:

Missing Kaskade!

Missing Kaskade!

thats right fuckers, i missed kaskade!. my dj with the mostest! ah man! yeah yeah i like him over freaking tiesto. but yeah tiesto is more hardcore. but what the heck

Kaskadecapriceback_1 Boracay3_1 Kaskade(my current favorite dj) live in manila april 12 and april 14 in boracay.

so,about this time in the lovely island of bora DROIDS are getting all pumped up for bora's hottest beach party and I, le scandiliath is having some sun fun but without dear old kaskade.pathetic.haha.thats how it is for me. yes i missed dancing to "everything", the song that played over 60 times according to my iPod playcount. shit fine.i missed it.end of conversation.Ü


So in my absence from dear old kaskade's beach party i am gorging. up on ice cream,ice tea(lite),and junk junking foods.(yes, you heard that right!, junk junking foods)

Selectaproducts_r2_c2 Iced_tea_foto_osvaldo_02
Lays TA-DA! : my ultimate bum treat.oh yeah..i was eating this while watching movies and the "iron chef america".you probably guessed how i worked up my already salvaged appetite.its really a wonder how i was able to stand up after this, my tummey bulging and all.haha. double dutch ice cream on a fairly scorching weather is the bomb!

Le Beach Bum

Things to bring before hitting the sun kissed beaches:

1. Coppertone spf 45 sunblock -block it like a wall!

2.luau shorts - billabong shorts are the best!

3.beach bling - the shark tooth and the puca coupled with boho beads should make Image_102you look like tribe peeps

4.Click Machine - pose your ass off with tha camera! just dont get sand on your buns

5.Aviator mode - look like air force ready under the sun!


post comments and everything else pls!


Uppish uppish Band!

right about now UpDharmadown's "Pag-agos" is gaining over kill over my music player.YES. up dharam down may displace Imago from the ranks of my list."Maybe". getting chills from the video.seriously. Very nostalgic.I love it.yum
thats why im getting pissed voer a certain "rubinesque creation of mammoth proportions" who for reasons of selfishness, would not let me borrow the CD. cmon!?! is that the only thing you have? its just a CD.hmp!

(you are my favorite group since slice bread! cant wait to watch you LIVE!<--)


Pag Agos

At sa aking pagkubli
hampas ng araw pagdamdam ng gabi
tulog ang iyong mga kamay
di nako makapag antay

isang umaga muling aahon
at sisikat sa mga panahon
na tayong pang dalawa
masayang pagsasama

buong araw ng pag-agos
kailan ang huling unos
di alam kung tatakbo
kusang lalayo sayo

isang umaga muli ng pag-iisa
walang mayakap at makasama
pusong pilit na sinugatan
landas kong karaniwan

(dont you just love the lyrics?. deep but NOT that deep. just enough to evoke unwanted, kept feelings) <-- fool!Ü

will someone please tell me, out of the goodness of their hearts tell me if the video was shot at Ortigas or somewhere else? maybe Makati? or somewhere south? ugh! Im getting bonkers already.
but I love it.main freaking point. if it is Ortigas indeed I still like it.I have very good memories walking down the Ortigas runway.haay. dreamy. I love it.

again. here is the link

Scandiliath's TV Inspection:

american idol bullshit:


Yep. that weirdly curled country singer fallout is indeed OUT. gone.
voted off for the good of all things.
Everytime he sings i just fall of my chair from extreme boredom.
he was a weak contestant.
plain and fucking simple. oops.

the simple life crap:

thats the Tanorexically rich whore-ror "nicole ritchie"

apparently filming scenes from the new season of the simple life.
i wonder if bestfriend "paris hilton" gets billing?

*****thin as hell********

if im 200 million dollars worth i wouldnt be caught that skinny.
i''d eat everythinng even my car!

katie holmes er.. cruise buzz...

what the f#@!!!
that is one huge Baby.


make that woah woah

i bet that isnt even tom cruise's.

then again.
it just a damn rumor.


email me!:

Friday, June 16, 2006

From strobe lights to sun lounges

Remember that one-hit-wonder band new radicals? the one who gave that infamous "you get what you give" song so electrifiyingly addicting that time that I had to buy the entire album?

Well I kinda doubt if thats true though...


you see I've been to so many stuff that I feel soooo stupid that I'm still that NAIVE SMART-ASS that constantly gets taken advantage off. Its weird though, I dont really confront people. I just dont. But what pains me the most is being HAD. yep. same old.same old. I feel as if I didnt learn anything. It keeps on happening to me.

you give but you dont get.(how simple is that?)

and yet I was so idealistically naive to believe its not true.


i know its cliche but it is true when they say, "you cant change people" people do things because thats what they are.

and its a pity. it really is.

dont get smart with me,I KNOW IM THE BIGGEST CRITIC ANYONE COULD ASK FOR and I have been mean to a couple of people, whether they deserve or not but one thing I could tell you is that Im well-educated enough to shut my trap when appropriate.

I know I could get humiliated and I guess thats one point for you "debaucherer" because frank as i am I HATE PUBLIC SCANDALS.simply thats the kryptonite that could let you overrun me.:-) yes sometimes I hate it that Im "erudite", for people like us it is a go ahead, include me in your resume.;-)

(dont forget to do it in PUBLIC, that way I really couldnt do anything)

FLASH TIP: when I get stabbed, I dont stab back. so dont worry you can tell the world about me and I wont do the SAME. trust me. I'll even write you a check for that.Everything's safe. Good deal right?

I guess its wrong if you dont tell people how appalling they are. but i just cant. someones gotta do it.but obviously its not gonna be me.

Is it a joke? is it too mababaw? maybe. for me it is. but the reason I found it so offensive is it happened to me. finally.

Its sad that im SELFISH. If it didnt happen to me I would not have reacted. I see people curse and cry just because someone could not shut their mouth and yet I turn the other cheek.I had to experience it to learn.

Im not angry. I have no reason to. Then again this is the first time I ever wrote something like this. I dont normally vent out lack of modness, I just let them have their say, but I guess I would look really obtuse and unintelligent if I let it pass see, I've had similar experiences in the past and people tell me that it was dumb of me to let it pass.yes. DUMB.

Once again I learned the way. the extremely hard way.its weird that Im not mad even after this. there must be something in me worth taking advantage off.

Once again, if you could be au fait with, Im not angry. OTHERWISE I WOULDNT BE CALLING MYSELF STUPID, DUMB AND NAIVE,right? I've just venting my frustration on myself.

If ever I was, I should be angry at myself. for being so naive and letting things past me like a quarter or a dime on the street

as i said, ive been letting people do this to me for a long time, so i guess you just represent that.clearly if you understood anything, the problem is lil old me.(after all this is my blog, cant let you steal the spotlight from me :-) so chill.)

High- rise Chill!

This is it.

I know I have been posting mediocre and often ho-hum one-liners lately, well that’s because I’ve been commissioned to do sooo many stuff lately. It’s not just about school my dear littérateurs, it’s about the crazy, crazy environment I’m in. High scale, low scale, no scale, whatever…they have all been contributory to my busy existence.

Last week I had a nice chill-out session with a close friend of mine complete with bed lounges and strawberry grilled chicken salad. Thursday was really hard on me but it ended with one of my more intimate talks to date. I had fun really and it made me realize that we really cant please everybody. I mean if theres good there must be something to counteract it right? So I went home thinking that it’s really up to me where I want my arrow to point.

Anyway… after meeting after meeting, pre-arrangements, the usual lunches and dinners I finally found the time to share with you the crazy crazy things I’ve been into. Well at least one of them. And this one involves high-rise buildings and a helipad.

Enjoy my pictionary. Were retarded and abnormal all at the same time! as my Prof. Lintongan would say, "kung walang tsongke, katol will do!"





***I hope you all had a good laugh, anyways...

there will be an upcoming event on june 10 so stay tuned for that. it would have something to do with "ever after". excited? i hope you are.

***dont miss "failure to launch starring Sarah Jessica Parker. its a fun movie. I enjoyed it so you should too!

***X-men was alright, right? I mean for an ender i sure enjoyed watching watching psylocke(which is by the way on the cover of Uno magazine. they have to battle it out with Fhm's bench fever coverage.

***Da vinci Code! any thoughts?
I read the book, you watched the movie. what is there to comment?

***No more perriers and evians in Coffee Bean? i dont get it.

***the infamous bryan boy got featured in a celeb blog,woah, congrats bitch.haha

***thanks for hitting up my blog! Im nearing 200! yay!

***In a few days I'll be having school flies eh?

***MAD TV IS THE BOMB!!!. I miss debra wilson! watching reruns of whitney and mariah spoofs makes me wanna laugh out really loud.hahaha!

ciao! for comments and feedbacks feel free to leave a comment.