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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dolce Latte: Bad Customer Service

I feel bad for writing this since Dolce Latte isnt a few months old, I guess theyre allowed to make mistakes. but hey, sadly, they made that mistake on me.

So, before my exams, I went out for a quick lunch. I was studying in a nearby coffee place and Dole Latte was right next by. So I sat uncomfortably.(the seats were pretentiously not proportioned).

As you can see, this is not some fast food carinderia-what-have-you. Theyre trying to be casual dining, with the dim lights and the expensive dinner ware.

the food is priced around 400-600xx

honestly, i dont give a flying fuck about anything, i just wanna eat.

but when i ordered, thats when inexperience came in.

they gave me the wrong entree.

and the one they gave me had shrimp.

I'm super allergic to shrimp.

No, I didnt make a scandal out of it, I just politely asked the waiter to fetch me my "medicine" in a nearby drugstore.

what the hell, i even paid for the meal, even if they were trying to bribe me with all sorts of things.

My point is: get your shit together. youre lucky i didnt have my magazine/newspaper connections write a bad review about your place.

I was so polite all thru out, not even one cent of anger came out of my mouth. and all i hear was, were very sorry.

again, its ok., just get your shit together next time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cheap Thrills: Bagels, Oatmeal Cookies, Water, Soda

Pellegrino and bagel= YUMMEE.

oatmeal cookies and soda= LVOE.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Missing In Action

the dressing room.

after the show

I truly felt bad about not being able to go to my training's graduation night in phil. heart center.
I felt I needed to explain why I was the only one missing in an event that I was excited about( hello I paid for the food! at least get my money's worth).

but thursday night, i got a text message from my handler that I booked a job for a fashion show. it was set for 2pm in a hotel somewhere in quezon city.
I said yes because my thing at heart center wont start until 6pm.

so i said, might as well make some money and then just make sunod sa heart center after since its 6pm pa naman.

oh dear.
when i got to the hotel for fitting, goodness, the clothes got delayed.
the other talents from GMA-7 were late as well.
and the biggest surprise?

it was a resort show! not in manila!

so we left the hotel around 4:30pm!
we arrived around 7pm.
hair and make up around 8pm.
show started around 8:30pm.

the dressing room was quite far from the stage so I had to literally run because I had FIVE garment changes. it finished around 10pm.

but ofcourse i had to wait until i got paid (minus 30 percent).
so we left the venue around 12am.

luckily hinatid ako pauwi ni kuya mark(the girls manager and record producer)

but ofcourse the thing at heart center was finished na...

not that i dont appreciate having been able to book a job. i mean im super thankful to be part of something that im able to meet new friends like Dante(who is managed by direk maryo j. de los reyes), Justin(who appears as extra talent in GMA-7) and working with an up and coming girl group(also from gma)

ofcourse i also have to be careful not to piss my handler, Ms. L because she will drop me just like that if i show any attitude. so when i aid yes and things got delayed unexpectedly, hindi ako pwede pagreklamo. unless i want to be jobless.

in this business, im lucky to book two jobs for a month. others go jobless for 6 months.
so every thing that comes my way i really have to be wise about it. its either you grab it or you dont.


naipit na rin ako. it would have been a major scandal if umalis ako ng basta basta. aside from the fact that i dont know how to leave the place, i also would not have been paid if i didnt finish the job.

although im sad that i missed this training graduation I'm still thankful for God's blessing. for getting me work. I think thats one thing also, I dont want to take for granted the blessings that come my way.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Felix Restaurant, Greenbelt 5

I'll blog this really quick because I have an appointment in alabang in a few hours and I still have to review for an exam! Yeesh!

So anyway, I went to Peninsula court saturday morning for work. I wasnt too happy with the input I did so I called my friend for an impromptu lunch.

Jaymee works for inquirer and lives nearby lang. So I said i wanted filipino, i said I've been wanting to try Lucy Torres-Gomez's, Ben Chan(BENCH) and Florabel Co(Florabel, Podium) restaurant FELIX in greenbelt 5.

so thats where we went for lunch.

Place is fantastically decked out. I guess its more suited for dinner dates because its a very typical fine dining restaurant. I just had pork belly with taro dish.

It was soooo good. the Php 450 pesos I paid for this winner is so worth it.

anyway, lunch was all about catching up, havent seen her since i lfet for davao for two months. it was good lunch, plus she gave me straighforward advice on my lack of effort on work. haha

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Aladdin Is Dat Chu?

You're all probably sick and tired of how my day gets fucked up and I drown it either by buying stuff or pigging myself out. well, sadly this is one of those times yet again.

Topman/Topshop sent an sms of their midyear sale today. So after running errands(which was unsuccessful, and which caused my day to get totally bummed out) I decided to hit the store.

nothing on sale was good enough. I am however going back for the lovely bowtie necklace and the really gaudy chains! sale or no sale! lol

so anyway instead of buying i went out eating to one of my favorito stops CAFE MEDITERRENEAN.

Beef Gyros with Tzatziki, Baba ghanoush and Tabbouleh (with added buttered rice)

Tzatziki is made of cucumber, yogurt and mint(yum! my fave out of the three)

Baba Ghanoush is a mix of eggplant and tahini dip

Tabbouleh is tomatoes,flatleaf parsley and cracked wheat(also delightful)

just look at BALMAIN'S influences infiltrating the local market? this jacket can be both found at topman and people are people.


also took out kebabs from a nearby joint in tomas morato. i dont know, i suddenly had this medi feeling.haha