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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Johnny Drama

Its weird.

I feel so left behind.

I cover myself with everything new pero

theres just something missing.

I feel the more I crave for the end result

the more my chances decrease of getting it.

Fucker. I hate being sappy. but its this sappy-hate thats gotten me like this.
So I dont know what I'll do.
Last Saturday was sooo fucking addicting pa naman. I want more of that Paradise Punch! damn it! Bartender you are leaving Piedra tonight! haha. As if.

Shiyeettt. I dont like this feeling! ugh. I have exams pending hellllooo... wake up.
Shit talaga Im eating my words! aaargh. nakakainis naman.

I dont need this right now.

Friday, November 17, 2006

CRAZY Me & U + Angelica Panganibans real and fake pics!

Another crazy event in my life-a.

Yes, I am ready to share, with, erm..exceptions. haha

Okay, so early morning I got up and went straight to claim something in fort bonifacio.
How important is this? it's just going to give FREE entrance to Embassy on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays! (taranta!)

the catch: I can only claim it between 10-12pm. so i was like on amazing race or something.

I went ahead, got a cab by 9:30 and said to the driver "the fort, pls". "sure" ang sabi ni driver.

Halfway, he got lost. shitter. He argued with me on how to get there. ayun, we got lost. I clearly said *I* know the way BUT NO! we went for a trip sa C5. and there it happened.

NASIRA ANG PUKE NG LECHENG the middle of fucking nowhere

I got down with much politeness, can you get me a cab?
ok, sure! dami dito niyan!
cmon! 10 minutes later i found myself riding a jeepney to market market!

When I got there I was pissed like hell. they redirected me to makati. ok. useless effort. Good thing there were good places to have lunch.

A good balsamic salad to work on, coupled with a nice grape shake courtesy of cafeteria.

On my way I couldnt help wondering how trivial this day was. haha. im late for school but in a weird way I was sooo over occupied with what happended.

Oh yeah I was also relieved to see this:

the REAL pic


Just look down.. perfect! growl for the camera angelica!

Excuse me, who are you?

Come on...

I bet David Blaine cant do this!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Supposedly I was on my way to meet an editor to have my work evaluated, but my hair bothered me like crazy, so i called in and checked if Rex was there(the one who cuts my hair), stupid! it was tuesday! his off! come on! so i asked for his proxy, tim i think and this time i didnt read the mags like crazy like i used to. i instructed him carefully on how i like my hair cut.i liked it.

so i was walking towards the malls movie hub when this no entry line banged me.haha. i almost tripped. i kept looking at the new books at powerbooks live.

the meeting was at Masas. its a filipino restaurant thats fast becoming everyones fave pinoy craving.

the soup was fantastic. true pinoy fashion sinigang pork.

Hindi naman ako gutom so i ordered beef steak, mussels and gata for my veggie fill.
in short, i was bloated.

Masas' baked mussels are the best. i cant seem to figure what they put to put a very different flavor but still keeping it pinoy style. ugh! its driving me nuts!

The whole time we were discussing, i couldnt stop eating! as least I got what i wanted from the meeting. a quick dissection of my work. at least the editor honestly made the critique.


Marie Antoinette
starring kirsten dunst

I should have listened to the critics.
the movie sucks.

but i do LOVE sofia coppolas effort to modernize the story of the lavish queen.

why the hell did i see this movie?

because i got a message from a gawker telling me the story is about ME.
if you wanna know why. GO see it.