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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Brunch!

"my infamous Dr. Evil pose"

J-mi my hs friend hu's in ateneo right now, and thea, ust, imitating "the flash", thanx to my excellent camera work

tea and some muffin to go. seriously, looks like piss but its tastes good. lol

obsessing over sound of music over at m1. kase naman "diskoteca" is wala i guess the next best thing to funk house is sound of music? dig? im kidding.wah

"goth meets bahrain: the comeback!" --i havent seen this bitches in a loong time.

"i love, love,love, love, love, love this place!"
oyster rockefeller and some italian meat fettucini, apparently theres no spinaci available. bummer.

this place brings back so much memories...haay, i guess it started my penchant for anything italiano. I always, always will go back here.

lush lush greenery right in the heart of the city!

"thank you"

"angels delight" -- the bathtub smells like heaven! --its a gift, i wouldnt spend so much money on soap alone! good thing i have generous friends! hhaha

my new stash of free magazines. im a sucker for freebies! " tito jr isaac(take note tito!), bentang benta ang magazine mo sa akin!"

DJ Sucked But Everything Else Was Chill

"On my way. "
one of my friends dared me to make a photo caption of what i was wearing, eto na, for charities sake.
(shirt from bangkok, cheap necklace from punta fuego, long necklace from living legacies(for the benefit of cancer patients, i'll do a separate ad for them), f&h pants, vintage girbaud shoes, bag from hk)

yuck. puro ka-cheapan.hahaha

I was popping smint all the time. I got really jittery fr
om fixing the batteries as you can see i look like im about to vomit. lol

My favorite tuna pandesal! i just had pasta for dinner so i got really hungry by the time everyone else was shaking.. it was a little weird though, there was long line sa restroom ng sbux kase someone was taking too long, and then when he finally got out, lo! and behold,
shes a woman. weird.

with nicolimia and hannahrexic

hannah? are you "drugs"(hahaha!) wait i think i look more stoned noh?

Andi(model/dj Andi9) --eep! i did it again! i must be drunk. soooo showbiz! hahaha. im kidding.
oh. mo twister and franco were there too.

Armi Villare from Updharma down! i love this band! i'll make a separate post for them and cultured milk(so good!) i got autographs, courtesy of hannah, haha. It turns out i have pride pa pala.
office people! patty and angel.

And the night ends. I must have infuriated my friend from waiting. I was suppose to leave around 11 but got caught up waiting for "DJ Ace". wasted my freaking time bigtime,, not good at all. i could have been hitting house saturdays for hours but the rain caught up with me. the night was ok though, a lot of drama and nonsense.

I had to leave since i have to wake up early for sunday brunch! i hope I get up on time.

Kebab treat and Pussycat dolls and Black Eyed Peas live!

Cheap kebab treat for friends.

Roanne, Jade, Khym

joy, marco

Cheap kebab treat for friends.

Mister kebab is the cheapest kebab food you'll ever get to taste thats good. i love their chicken and keema meals.(yu-mmy!)
i left the other pics elsewhere. oopsie.
if like me you looove, cafe med, then mister kebab wont dissappoint.


Allan Pineda( i hope i spelled it out correctly)

doing it the bep style at embassy's superklasse wednesday
(thanks to john herrera for the pix)


i know, i know its blurry as hell but its the only thing i can source out. (pagchagaan niyo na yan!) -- I DONT GIVE a* KEEP LOOKING AT MAH!*

Denim Power tour by Chalk Magazine and Penshoppe

Its a milestone people.
(i look soo negro next to lougee, frontwoman for mojofly)

I stuttered like super and it wasnt even my favorite, all i could manage to say was "lougee!" . nakakahiya, super first time.

Vicente Mendoza officially swallowed my non-existent self proclaimed pride and had my picture taken with a band I so respect for their music and some other stuff.

I cant believe it.
I swear

By 3:30pm I was done with work. I had to interview some people for a project I was doing, I was lounging by the office when they heard noises downstairs.

It was some denim school event. it was ho-hum for me. probably because I watch stuff like this all the time. Everyone was going crazy while I was getting pssed over Joaqui and Nina (nagsama ang mayaba
ng from CSA and malandi from AC)

Que horruer.

If only people knew what I know about ______.
oops. i aint gonna go "janthina" on you. i'll keep it to myself.

other bands that played were Calla Lily and Mano Mano.

( Merlan with drummer from Mojofly)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Its raining. thats all.

We all know its raining. its been two days without school. I barely know what a test looks like. Im pretty sure its gonna surprise come wednesday morning. ahahay!.

Sam, my dear friend from highschool messaged me regarding my scandals, turns out she knows marco. hello!?! like ive been asking marco if he knows sam from ateneo psych, swimmer and a tan I could salivate the entire day with pero he keeps saying "?".

At least thats settled., oh she said she knows somone from the bench underwear show. swimmer from admu i assume? what-evs.

"Im not missing you" by Stacie Orrico -- loves it!

TSISMIS!(dont you just love them!)

from: ferrari princess' multiply account

Let me tell you about the biggest jerk in Metro Manila.
On Friday night I was at a fabulous yacht party in Manila Bay. After several hours we were all rather tipsy, and I was play fighting with my guy friends (well, I thought they were all friends). You know tripping each other up, pretending to kick each other, etc. Then, I made the mistake of play fighting with Will DeVaughn, The Biggest Jerk in Metro Manila. After pretending to trip him, he pulled my blouse collar down, exposing --well-- a lot. Scandalized, I slapped him. Then he responded by lifting me up by my arms and pressing my wrists so hard against the wall that my hands went numb from the pain. When he let go, I slapped him again -no one gets away with hurting a girl. This time he threw me onto a coach and twisted my arms so that they were pinned painfully behind me. (Note, I am 5'2" and have never worked out in my life, Will is like 5'11" and significantly older and stronger than me). I told him that my brothers would jump him for this, and he responded in all seriousness that he'd have my brothers killed. No one threatens my family, so when he let go I slapped him again. This time he looked me straight in the eye and screamed at me, that if I touched him again he'd throw me against the wall and off the boat (he knew I am afraid of water). So after physically hurting me and threatening to murder my brothers, I could only stand there, too scared to move because I was certain he's make good on his threat.

When he left my guy friends entered the room (there had only been girls in the room whom I hadn't been acquainted with). They were outraged, naturally, so we got into the car so that the guys could confront him at Embassy, where he had went. Karl, a really stand up guy went upstairs to Embassy (still and no matter what the best club in Manila) to tell Will to apologize. Will replied that I should go up and apologize to him! The nerve! Karl naturally called Will an expletive, and the woman-beating egomaniac responded by pushing Karl and asking him how he dared approach Will in "his" club. Appropriately, the bouncers began to drag Will away, but the jerk just went back upstairs and hid. And so he got away. I was so upset by the whole ordeal that I spent the rest of the evening and morning crying, so now I'm sick. Crap.

So Will deVaughn, who has only lived in this country for about two years, who isn't a Filipino citizen, whose only claim to fame is being a model, thinks that he can get away with bruising up girls, threatening to have people killed, and name dropping to a criminal extent. That is why he is The Biggest Jerk in Metro Manila, and deserves to be deported, and I don't care who knows about it.

+6390267401084 --be back in a few!

yipes. you didnt hear from me. ok?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

RaNdOm RaMbUlAn

I completely missed them last friday over at greenbelt. oh well.

The Fab Five from the hit tv show "queer eye for the straight guy"
(from L-R, Carson, kyan, jay, tim, thom)

"RIP-OFF"(just like my links, haha)thats j.lo with an old album and jessica with her new one. rip off you say? you bet. shes not the only one shes copying. listen to her "a public affair" song a.k.a madonna's "holiday". Be authentic for a change chicken by the sea tuna!

its "tim time on the cover". tim yap limited edition for ODM.

I *Officially* dont have a life!

I found this video from my friends account. yes, its the official music video(OST) for "MY GIRL".
by Mario & Nesty (oh, the shame trailing down my spine...).
I'm done with the series since i watched the whole thing on DVD and i dont know if i am in any position to say how good it is since apart from "meteor garden" this is the only korean series i was able to watch. but yeah, its good. funny but still warm. go figure.

its funny though in the original series theyre really "magkapatid" and not cousins. oo nga naman "INCEST the BEST" haha. :) tska channel 2 chops the series so much. parang 10 minutes na lang every episode. weird. its not even a hit ratings wise.

VARIETY SHOWS (Only in the philippines)
(heres a clearer link for my classmates who trooped to ELJ just to see lee dong wook)

watch how Wowowee degrades pinoys by embarassing the hell out of their korean guest. mariel, my goodness , your my classmates ex-pa naman, sana you could have saved willie revillame from saying anything!

at si "luningning"..i have no words, beer garden ba ito?


as always i dont give a flying pancakes what you say, after all,


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When the Needle drops the Bullshit Stops!

+639267401084 - new digits. pls pls send me yours so i can update.

When the needle drops the bullshit stops!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I lost my phone. ugh.

i'll all keep you posted for my new digits.

i hate it, i lost all my CONTACT details. especially business. well yeah, everythings important.

im going to some random place for some "calming of the nerves".

Friday, July 14, 2006

Paris is soooo CLASSY!

(i hope nobody gets offended, at least WE all know what RICH SLUTTY people wear!)
know we've all seen Paris Hilton's pussy flaps many, many, many times but this is the first time I've seen REAL huge closeups.
I have fair reason to believe Paris Hilton IS A MAN! She's got balls!!!!! Her clit looks like a scrotum it's not funny at all!!!!

- thanks donna, this made
me freaking laugh, although your not the first one who sent me this!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boxes and Shuttlecocks


after some nice lounging and "showdowns' with the ktv diva herself "roanne", i headed off for some scheduled shuttle fun.

its been a long time since i last played. my "shuttle" days.yep, those days when my hands were full of callous.
so NOW,
my hands are bleeding.after 3 hours of playing i totally forgot about the fact that my yellow customized racket had loose handle bandage.


******oh, IT finally came out. after sleepless nights of working, finally tapos na. sorry sa mga hindi nakasama. ehehe. malay ko bang artistahin kayo!

to: karl, phil. collegian U.P MANILA, (THANK YOU! for the kind words.) WE appreciate it.Ü you have good taste! HAHA!)

We look stupid. haha no, make that really stoned, wait parang ako lang, hmmm. khymy!!! Wendy's !!!!!!!

my body hurts so much. ewan ko ba, this was suppose to be chill, kaso ewan, i endd up nauseated and really sore

*****Rascal flatts "life is a highway" --- i am totally digging this song!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

EVENTS: Black eyed Peas and the Pussycat dolls

Araneta Coliseum
For inquiries and reservations, please call the Ticketnet at 911-5555.
P3960, P3380, P2957, P1954, P898, P528
Jul 28, 2006 - 8:30pm

I suggest you look for a piggy bank now. kill a pig, make it a bank.

magkasunod lang?!? what the F#!@ is that?

my brothers friend who is a fan of "Marylin manson" got backstage passes and front row seats for the pussy cat dolls concert. lol(kase the mom is the events organizer!) i hope he enjoys his tickets. haha

Pilipino! pilipino! pilipino!
and theyre back.

Catch them as they perform live at Araneta Coliseum.

Ticket Price:
P5000, P4000, P3000, P1500
Jul 27, 2006 - 8:00 PM

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Italy wins and Sex Scandals galore plus more bench fever

italy wins. 2-0 versus germany. sorry germany. :P i jjust wish portugal beats the hell out of france. (france i still loathe you for beating BRAZIL.)


MY FIRST (and hopefully the last) SCANDAL.
some people are just soooo over hung up on me. what can i say?

im giving them reasons to have a life.

--in fairness, attraction de la maison!

there's goes my fucking dignity, folks. ayun oh. tumapon sa other side ng pad namin. ahahay! que horror

(photo from the fashpack)

the pucci inspired number from the bench fever held last june 30, 2006.
i heard they got mixed reviews. oh well.

"its a glorified Dolce and gabbana add for me, SEX being the marketing ploy"