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Monday, August 28, 2006

Celebrity Collage: Fucked-Up Hell of a Good Time

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Try it yourself! lauuuughtrip. ugh
Click this link

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I am the busiest these days. I swear touch of daylight offends me like puruntong pants on a bad day.yeesh.

"I miss Rest like Micheal Jackson misses his nose"

let's see whats new:

1. Devil wears Prada is an amazing movie, watched the screening last week and enjoyed it, waited for weeks for it. Highly recommended!

2. Fergie's "London Bridge" is Number one dethroning Nelly furtado's Promiscuous

3. "Nicole" the half pinay from Pussycat dolls is the new bench lingerie model

4. A bar in makati has been recently renovated making it "cool again!" lol.

5. Im literally sore from eating "shaka-shaka" everyday.

6.Theres also a new place in the fort thats Goth inspired.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


so its 2am and i have no sleep.

Godskitchen wasnt wat i expected it would turn out but what the heck?
at least i went out with my friend, had wonderul food and got my frozen kamikaze like i wanted it.(overflowing!) --

STILL. its frustrates me. I just got back from a 250 item course audit and i did it without resting so i was kind of half expectant. to top it all off no one understands me. Kitchen ano?
hay. connect! whatevs. "ano yun?" --ugh. please. tapos everyone pretends they like it. ano yun?

but im ok now. Im a lil tipsy but chill.

TDF Status!(to die for-status)
McShaker fries from Mcdo! they are heaven! sooobrraa. sour cream fries are the best.
a friend tells me theyre called shaka-shaka in tokyo. the cheese is also good.

This always cracks me up. a MADTV classic! to make me feel good and all that dope shit.feel good everyone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kris Aquino: Monster at ABS-CBN

DISCLAIMER: I know this is "luma", "old", "done with, "passe", whatevs. for the sake of those who are oblivious to this fact, i decided to repost this.(again, this is not from me, aryty? I am merely reposting it, pls kris aquino fans dont hit me with hate mails!)


I never liked Kris Aquino. But I never disliked her either. I feel
indifferent where she's concerned? until recently. You see, I have this 14-year-old niece who, only God knows why, is a die-hard Kris Aquino fan. Case in point, her name starts with a "G", but she wears a necklace with a "K" pendant. Also, she tells her friends that she's really an adopted child and that her real Mother is former president Cory Aquino. Crazy kid. And of course, like any other fan, she buys stuff Kris endorses?bags, fragrances, jewelry? everything! So, when the family (meaning my brothers, my sisters ? the whole immediate clan) learned of this "cute" idiosyncrasy, we were supportive. Kunsintidor, even. My sister-in-law, who used to play bit parts in movies, (she's really pretty, by the way), arranged for us to get seats at the taping of Kris' show, Game Ka Na Ba? Needless to say, my niece was thrilled. So, yesterday, a Wednesday, taping for the Game Ka Na Ba? Celebrity edition episode, my niece and I, together with her sister and some of my friends, went to ABS CBN to watch the absurdly (in)famous Kris Aquino. Anyhow, I was happy to see my nieces really excited; especially since the younger one just got out of the hospital because of Dengue, plus the fact that I rarely see them since they stay in the province. They were chatting away endlessly in the cab on way to the studio about how they would embrace Kris when they see her; that they're sure she smells nice; that their friends back in Nueva Ecija would just die with envy when they see the pictures; that James Yap is the luckiest guy ever; that Josh must be spoiled with Kris' love; that she's just perfect; and so on. They both looked really pretty, too ? new clothes, neat hair, clean nails, and with "just the right jewelry". They said they didn't want Kris to think they're from a "bad family." They wanted to impress her. We were at the audience entrance by 4pm, and were fetched right away by one of the ABS CBN people (VIP, diba?). Unfortunately, kids weren't allowed to sit with the audience so my nieces were given "special" seats near Kris' dressing room, where they got a better view of the show that was taking place. Me? I was clapping with the audience in step with the Game Ka Na Ba? theme. Itchyworms was guest band so it wasn't that bad. And so after being subjected to clapping till my hands hurt, I was advised that I could then take a picture of my nieces with Kris. It was 7.30pm. Despite the long wait, my nieces were really excited and they were smiling from ear to ear. I could see that Kris, for some reason, was not thrilled at all with the picture-taking thing. I was hoping though that she would pretend delight for my nieces' sake?after all they're kids who adore her! But as I was about to take the picture, she said: "That's not a nice angle, pa-vertical mas maganda." I adjusted my camera, but realized they were standing against the light. So I shifted to the original horizontal angle. "Vertical sabi, eh!" She said, in her shrilly, irritating voice. I bit my lip and shut my mouth because I wanted to the take the picture for my niece. So I angled the camera vertically as she said, but placed the camera lower, angling it in a way that the light behind her head won't be captured. "Not like that," she shouted. "Up. Move it up! UP!!!" Motioning for me to move the camera up, so the picture would be taken top-view. Then she actually grabbed my arm and pushed upward! The nerve of that woman to treat me like that!!! I wanted to slap her and say: "What the fuck for? You look like the same slut whatever angle it may be!" Instead I said, levelly, "You're against the light, Kris, I can't take the shot that way." "Eh, may flash naman yan diba?" she retorted in her shrilly, nasal, voice. I wanted to spit on her overly made-up face right there and then! For someone who pretends she's smart, that was a really stupid remark! With dripping sarcasm, I said. "Exactly, over-exposed yan. Move a little please." She did so but impatiently and crossly, almost knocking my niece over. I took the picture and she smiled right on cue, then she fled. My younger niece, who I thought was oblivious to the tension, didn't pose with her sister and shouted, almost tearfully, "ANG SUNGIT MO NAMAN, KRIS!" My heart almost broke. I wanted to kill Kris. Then I looked at my other niece, the one who swore would change her family name to Aquino one day, and saw that her eyes were downcast. She looked like she was trying really hard not to cry. Then she said quietly, "Ang pangit pala ng ugali nun." I checked the digital picture that I took?Kris' smile was flawless, without a trace of the monstrosity she just displayed. And kid beside her, my niece, looked like she just realized that she was having her picture taken with a two-faced monster. "Baka she's tired lang, Gelline," I told my niece. "Kahit na! Kame nga galing pa ng Nueva Ecija tapos di pa kame dinner, naghintay kame para lang sa picture, tapos binastos ka pa niya! SALBAHE SIYA!" she replied, clearly bitter and sulking. You know what's the worst thing about this whole scene? It's the fact that I'm sure Kris doesn't know and couldn't care any less that she just hurt two loving kids who did nothing wrong except chose her as their "idol". And it's inexplicable how Kris can get away with her unacceptable manner: she's tactless, she's an advocate of gossip and scandal, and she's an epitome of a woman with loose morals. Kris makes me sick. Clearly, this proves the legends wrong, monsters don't lurk inside the closet? they're on TV.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Shoppingero Excess Fix

im actually downstairs inside the mall. haha.
im so bored.

i felt really sleepy after work in new manila, must be all the pizza i guzzed down.

whatevs. anyway.

i went looking for stuff for school, apres lunch and some hullaballoo i bought a really small was the only thing left at handyman, i had no choice. i dont know if size is a requirement but what the heck. i hope everything fits. i hope

i cant even use my free hand since my impulsive shitwhore ass bought some other stuff from stores i really like. hay , there goes the money down the drain.

since dearest mom and dad gave me plastic, im really starting to become more impulsive than usual, so i when i saw this brazilian thing i didnt even bother to think what im going to use it for.

pati adaptor pinatulan ko, can you imagine?

plus food. haha fooood, you defacate and its all gone. i shouldnt be investing on food. lol
i should start buying really cheap tomatoes and live off it. *kidding*

last saturday, the family went for some italian brunch in wherelse? the family resto italiannis. i always enjoy eating there but its not my favorite though, i have vast selection of italian places since i practically obssess over tomatoes, capers, olives, Spinach!, and oliveoil, cilantro, ravioli
im drooling just thinking about it.

everyone was "busog" except for my brother who id like to call the "bottomless glutton".
i swear, the entire antipasto wasnt enought for him! haha. malulugi ang resto sa kanya.

my mom was very happy, she literally bought several pieces of new perfumes plus an ethnic bag and pink wedges.
my brother bought think pantalon and some green belt, i couldnt remember.
i couldnt remember what my dad bought, what i do remember is i
was the only one who didnt buy anything. ha.

i guess thats why im burning my plastic like mad.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Paris "whores" it up yet again!
--> moi.Ü
i had the nerve to spend my day pa lounging around while having my haircut and having myself wrapped thinking i'm already done and stuff. hay. when you really think you got everything planned out it hits you like mudpie. wa=pak! ouch.
now I am slowly writing it again, cancelling my dinner with a friend.ugh. all this with an exam the next morning. pile, pile, pile, pile and more pile.

anyway, feast your eyes on the pride of the hilton clan. Ms. Paris.Ü clearly her sex videos are never enough. before you view her pics let me publish a qoute she made earlier

Paris hilton on SEX: "I think sex is a big deal, people give it away too freely and girls do it the first time they meet someone, I think it's something sacred and special and someone should deserve it. And I dont think many people do"

all together now!, "even though the guys are crazy, even though the stars are blind, if you show me REAL LOVE baby, I'll show you mine"

No one can beat Paris when it comes to being a slut. bra-vo!

Paris Hilton at the VIP room in St. Tropez